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  1. Very nice effect. But the hit on Performance can deffo be felt.
  2. Thanks for the swift update. Many servers use this and will be delighted to see it work with 1.0.4 now
  3. bump
  4. Looks like someone was inspired by Tapkob .. nice mod! Kudos! Now lets wait till its in main branch since client sided modification is needed, which you cant ask of any admins of hi-pop to tell their children
  5. So, im making a new server. And its this time again. I havent played around with BE since 2015 and the last post about how to do them is from back then. When i look through different BE files from different scripts, they dont seem to be in the same order as in the past, saying that they dont seem to have any empty lines like back then to match line numbers. Could it be that the strict line requirement has been taken out of BE? What else is new and what should i look out for?
  6. Dont build a server then. You will always run into some trouble. You should have the confidence to break things so you can put them together again later on and learn something in the process.
  7. Like The OP on Armaholics suggests: - Put file : "pushback.sqf" in your mission folder. - Put this on init vehicle: 0 = [this] execVM "pushback.sqf"; - Activation is in action menu of vehicle for driver
  8. Holy thread necro. For screen to create a log file you can append -L to the command. It will then write to the file "screenlog.0" in the folder where the executable gets called. Edit: Holy chicken, why do you use killall to stop the server? this also puts holes through every other service that was started by the same user, i.e.: ssh sessions or other arma servers.
  9. Thanks guys for the hard work!
  10. Will deffo install on my server.
  11. Sweet. Will add this to my server to give solo players an edge in missions. Thanks!
  12. Prett ynice idea. This should help on pvp focused low pop servers. Thanks
  13. and most of them are pretty bad lol. remember when i ate your whole clan on anonymous during the event spankin? ez
  14. exo

    So many bumps, so little replies. Im an experienced arma player and also set up three exile servers with custom shops and econ plus zombies .. twice altis once esseker. twice Linux once winshit. The reason why those servers arent active and also the reason why i had to do it three times is bad community management. And me putting trust in the wrong people. Im 30 years old, austrian (central europe.. no kangaroos) and an currently unemployed Network administrator. But as i like to say: one TS conversation says more then thousand lines. Shoot me a PM and ill be in touch.