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  1. zisb


    Hang on... Alright so the Licensed Data Packages that are from BI are only licensed under APL & APLSA. Neither of those licenses allow for commercial use, meaning that people running this mod can't monetize their servers. Thats right isn't it? I am a dumb...
  2. zisb

    Exile SP Survival

    Yup, perfectly possible. Just need to setup a server for it and keep it passworded.
  3. zisb

    1.0.0 "Potato"

    1.0.0! 1.0.0?!?!?!?! HOLY OH MY GOD OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS SHIT OH MAH GAWD!!!(?) OH MY GOODNESS OH MY DAMN WE GOING HAM HAM HAM ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well congrats exile team on the release, and I hope for a valiant and successful future.
  4. Sure someone is going to get screwed, but better than everyone with a sudden release.
  5. zisb

    New in-game notifications

    Thank you.... Thank you thank you thank you! This is so much better than the old notifications, these are stunning. This really is shaping up to be one of the best updates yet. Good luck with release!
  6. zisb

    [SOLVED] Before 0.98 Releases

    Yeah sure! What kind of hug do you want? Cuddle, bear hug, or something more?
  7. Please go play on the test server, the more bugs we can find, the better this release will be. There are unlimited resources and money so go mess around and try to break the game! It is much better if we can find bugs now, rather than them screwing over our servers. So for the sake of your community and exile please go play on the test version and report any bugs!
  8. Aha aahaha ahahah hahahahahhehueheuehahaahhaahaheuhrheueheueheauehahah HA HA HA HAR HAR HAR HARRRrrrrrr. Aha.
  9. Ehh we all need to start somewhere, before exile all I knew was that you couldnt just download server files from a web browser like Minecraft. The best we can do is just answer their questions. Some like to be silent and just not ask, it's what I did, sure I didn't annoy anyone but some issues took me days. Others will have some sense and ask, even if it goes above them at the moment, they will understand later. I am by no means a smart cookie, but I am still able to write half assed code and 3D model stuff for arma.
  10. zisb

    Tanoa and APEX

    Because you put in pretty pictures
  11. Beautiful as always, well done @IT07
  12. zisb

    New Weight System

    Yeah it definitely should be. I do have to go away tomorrow.. maybe I can do some stuff on the plane ^o^
  13. zisb

    New Weight System

    I know it works for vehicles. I can probably have a look tomorrow and maybe even release a small mod that adds in carryalls with less load etc if you guys want
  14. zisb

    Loading Screen

    @Eichi With the spinner could you not make it like a loading circle, instead of the bar? I just really like the look of the circle
  15. zisb

    Tanoa Screenshots - Add yours

    O heck floaty crane