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  1. Mike Bravo

    How to use rockets correctly

    Don't feel sorry for these safezone heroes
  2. Mike Bravo

    HMG Strider Anti Rocket System

    The best way to defend the HMG.
  3. Mike Bravo

    This is how you use explosives!

    Check out my latest video. Note these players were caught hacking a banned a day later, feel no sorrow for them.
  4. Mike Bravo

    Reconsider Keys and Locking!!!

    I'm just firing you up man. Haha that is crazy, get them on here and get them to back up my opinions pls
  5. Mike Bravo

    Reconsider Keys and Locking!!!

    Good points Brez i didnt give much thought to the despawn. I agree with the money situation. Either a change in money or key changes will improved the mod sharply imo.
  6. Mike Bravo

    Reconsider Keys and Locking!!!

    Your saying you played over 100 days of Arma 2 and no one likes the keys. You need to get a hobby and find some new friends who want the keys back.
  7. Mike Bravo

    Reconsider Keys and Locking!!!

    Thanks for all weighing in on the conversation. I think in concluding i can say that: Yes i understand that there are no keys in the foreseeable future. The mod lacks the excitement the keys provide. Sooking players are most likely holding back the concept e.g "my key isnt in my safe where i left it!" For you players saying no to keys its likely you never played Arma 2 epoch. If you are saying no because you don't want to lose you vehicle then play PvE A possible alternative could be the return of currency like gold and briefcases so that if players want to go to the traders the need to take either gold or gear to barter with. Exile in my opinion is a mod for more hardcore gamers therefore the "i've locked the car its all sweet" mentality should not exist.
  8. I believe the change must be made and keys implemented into the game. I will respond to each comment by Eichi. "My uniform disappeared, now my car keys are gone" (If you have experience this, please report it here) Fixes - Able to craft spare keys, vehicle unlock after x amount of days so vehicles can be reclaimed. My experience the last few weeks no clothing has been disappearing. "I have locked my keys in my car" - Safe zones vehicles automatically unlock at restart, vehicle unlock x days ect "My corpse de-spawned with my car keys in it" - this does not occur currently so why would it when keys are implemented. "My friend wants to drive my car, but I am miles away with the keys with me" - ridiculous "I have ten keys in my safe, but only three cars. Which one is still in use?" - pen and paper and half a brain will sort this out The several changes suggested insted of the keys seem ok but if you're going to do all that just implement the keys! Can i also mention that the thermal scanners are almost pointless. I think you have 15 min to scan a vehicle then after only three attempts at cracking the code you are locked out. Add to this that you may have just killed a player at their vehicle and you cannot take it? Not very realistic. The major benefits of introducing keys are the PvP situations it can create and also adding some value into killing and or looting another player. Currently you loot a geared player and basically get nothing out of it as you can only carry one good primary weapon and most other items have little or no value. All of you veterans of Arma 2 mods think of them times you pulled off a great shot on a passer by or you loot a guys body under heavy fire to obtain an enemy player's key then vehicle, it's a thrill and reward like nothing the exile mod currently has to offer. (fond memories of stealing btr's) Mods please take notice, it was the most viewed thread on the new feature thread by a long way and for good reason, it's a major problem with the mod. For those who voted against the changes back to keys you need to have a good look at yourselves in the mirror and take off your sisters underwear. In closing Arma should be a gripping and thrilling experience of towering highs and humiliating lows not the security of "ive locked my car"
  9. Mike Bravo

    Fucking Crossroads

    https://youtu.be/gdKcusVaTC4 Check out my latest video on esseker. Things go absolutely nuts towards the end.
  10. Mike Bravo

    Arma 3 Exile Esseker: Money Laundering

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv_6Wq9cfec Check out the latest Video guys. A group of players were successful at robbing the bank of esseker. We went to the launderer to intercept the transaction of cash to pop tabs. First time at the launderer so was unsure of the layout but got some nice kills.
  11. Mike Bravo

    Arma 3 Exile: Esseker Sniper

  12. Mike Bravo

    Arma 3 Exile: Esseker Sniper