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  1. [IK]Lega[Dev]

    Scripting stream

    http://www.twitch.tv/itslega , im streaming the work on this script, im just starting.
  2. [IK]Lega[Dev]

    Scripting stream

    hintSilent Format["%1",typeof cursorTarget]; if((typeof cursorTarget) = "ThisClassname") then { titleText ["Show this text", "PLAIN"]; }; it keeps saying missing ")" but I cant see any missing bracket. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks That error was fixed, just doesnt like typeof with array, sorted that.
  3. [IK]Lega[Dev]

    Initserver objects not working

    Thanks for the replies guys, I done goofed and used the wrong bit at the end of the file. Fixed
  4. [IK]Lega[Dev]

    Initserver objects not working

    I feel like banging my head against a wall at the moment, the Initserver is being called, but why isnt it loading I have tried the A3_Custom pbo too, still not working.
  5. [IK]Lega[Dev]


    do you need AIA Installed too ? or is there a pbo floating around with basic traders and stuff already in.
  6. [IK]Lega[Dev]

    searching a players inventory for a random array of items

    its for a crafting, and Multi Action Menu Im working on. this part is so Server owners can choose what vehicle they want people to be able to craft, and what it will cost, whether it will save to the db, and if it will cost poptabs
  7. Say I wanted to search a players inventory for a random array of items say ThisNestedArrays = [ ["ItemClassname",[1,1,1,2,2,3]], ["ItemClassname",[2,3,3,4,5]], ["ItemClassname",[2,4,5,6,7,7,3]] ]; I know i would use a foreach loop to check something like, { _ItemClassname = _x select 0; _ItemArray = _x Select 1; //this is the part I need help with //Something like { if(_x in (magazines player))then{ //Maybe ? I want it to check for all the Items in the players inventory before carrying on. }foreach _ItemArray; }foreach ThisNestedArrays;Any Help would be Great, Can provide a Github, link for people who want a look. Edit, forgot to put, each number represents an Item, and the multiples are there for a reason, so if I needed to search for a multiple of the same Item.