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  1. mojitoboy

    Farming Mapped Containers ???

    Hi guys, I come to ask your help (again) i removed tones of farmable containers of my Altis map to do my customisation and now i'm feeling lilbit stuck because all the "new" containers i drop on my map aren't farmable... Then i check with my command "onEachFrame {hintSilent str [typeOf cursorObject, cursorObject]};" what is the difference between one already on the vanilla map and a mapped one and after examination the "vanilla" ones are do not have class name it's like // "", "542548", "cargo20_blue.p3d" // more less and the mapped ones are like // "cargo20_blue_f", "542548", "cargo20_blue.p3d" // more less. I tried to changed them as map object and/or without simulation and/or damage etc... but sadly nothing changed. If anyone have a solution or it's maybe impossible to make them farmable i don't know. I have in idea to pass them in initserver but i don't know yet... Thx for your help guys !!
  2. mojitoboy

    A3AXI - equipment problems

    hi guys ! i have a RPT error come by A3XAI after changing original loadout by a nex one with OPTRE halo mod... 0:42:35 Error in expression <); _ret = _this select _ret; }; _ret> 0:42:35 Error position: <_ret> 0:42:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _ret 0:42:35 File A3XAI\compile\A3XAI_utilities\A3XAI_selectRandom.sqf, line 24 0:42:35 Error in expression <OpticsList call A3XAI_selectRandom; if (_opticsType in _opticsList) then { if (_> 0:42:35 Error position: <_opticsType in _opticsList) then { if (_> 0:42:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _opticstype 0:42:35 File A3XAI\compile\A3XAI_group_functions\A3XAI_generateLoadout.sqf, line 104 0:42:54 Error in expression <); If anyone can help me...
  3. mojitoboy

    ExileMod Advanced Repair Script

    hi all, I have a tiny problem because i can salvage more than 20 wheels on the same vehicle (hemtt)... do i install the script as a sh** ?
  4. mojitoboy

    Trader Epoch mod Style

    I check already but nothing like that sadly
  5. mojitoboy

    Trader Epoch mod Style

    Hi everyone ! I'm developing with friends an Exile post-apo server (without Z) and then i would like to get the same trader system as Epoch mod Arma 3 !! I explain what i get in my mind : in Epoch arma 3 we can't buy all items because the trader sell just what he bought before from player and the trader never get a lot of money to buy... For me is the real way to trade in a post-apo game and then i would like to do the same for my server ! I really want to make the server hard as possible because i'm fed up to see players full of everythings after 3 or 4 weeks of game... Do you think it's possible to do the same in Exile could we do the same kind of trading or is it impossible ?? I know a lot of people import Epoch scripts but i don't know if is it possible with this one or if is it possible to adapt or creat a script like that for Exile... thx for your answers and ideas guys.
  6. mojitoboy

    Looking for a host better than Vilayer

    abc gameserver support more than present (less than 10min answer) cheap and really good 2 servers arma 3 and 1 TS for 40€ a month !!! easy to use really good providers
  7. mojitoboy

    Problème Chargement serveur

    ton lien TS est mort je crois car je ne peux pas me co...
  8. mojitoboy

    Arma III . mini série | présentation

    [OPEX] Mojitoboy
  9. mojitoboy

    Arma III . mini série | présentation

    si tu as besoin d'aide pour l'édition dis le moi je ne suis pas trop mauvais sur eden...
  10. mojitoboy

    Looking for AI Base Attack Mod

    check on the VEMF config...
  11. mojitoboy

    besoin d'aide pour monter un serveur arma 3 exile charnarus

    salut l'ami donne moi ton TS ou autre ou viens sur on verra ce que l'on peu faire
  12. mojitoboy

    Tanoa Exile

    carrement !
  13. mojitoboy

    Tanoa Exile

    tu as la bonne version d'Exile en rapport a celle du serv car la tes erreurs sont liees au mod exile à ce que je peux voir !!