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  1. Brun

    Exile Scavenge Framework - 0.7 BETA (23.10.2017)

    HI, script works well have customized to remove the search bar as i wanted everything pretty much with 0 search time. Have taken the weed script idea from below and put it into the scavenge framework. LootTables.h LootItemGroups.h CfgExileScavenge.cpp
  2. Brun

    Chernarus Building Replacement Script (Updated Dec 2017)

    Hi, you may be hitting what i discussed earlier in the post, have a read.
  3. Brun

    [CLOSED] XM8 App Contest

    Massive deadline and then deadlines extended? thanks for coming. i withdraw my entry.
  4. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    Hi, Not offended at all i havnt created a new recipe list yet myself sorry. try a text comparison tool between the old cfgrecipes and new and merge the changes.
  5. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    Hi, I might remove the full example and put only one example as i dont want to update the examples every time an update is released. Generally the categories i have made in the example are crap names and i would recommend renaming them
  6. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    Hi, Recipes can only use CfgMagazine items, as exile code uses only these kinds of items in recipes unless you start overriding that, ItemRadio is a CfgWeapon item hence it wont work in a recipe. edit: im not sure how you were able to use a radio in the recipe i tested it with a map and it doesn't work, shows blank like the cookbook
  7. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    Hi, I have done an update, all categories will now be determined by adding a new class to recipe config this allows for much greater organization of recipes. See opening post for details it has been updated.
  8. Brun

    [BRAma] No Debug Zone

    Hey, im not at my pc but it might do as i think you just need to delay the script from running until your player is alive / loaded dont put this player enableSimulation true;
  9. Brun

    [BRAma] No Debug Zone

    Hi, i think it needs a check to make sure player isalive before it starts punishing noobs. try putting the below before it does the spawn otherwise it might need to be added to the if statements waitUntil { alive player }; if it works let me know ill update git
  10. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    if you still having issues send me a PM with a link to your mission file and ill take a look.
  11. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    Hi Caster if its infistar closing the controls then find /* Use IDD White-List ? */ UDW = true; /* allowedIDDs: Insert IDDs here to prevent them from being closed! */ allowedIDDs[] = { Add //BRAma Cookbook 5501,5502,5503,5504,5505,5506,5507
  12. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    There are no recipes defined in the cookbook, it reads from your recipes from normal exile mission config
  13. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    The error below is now fixed in github, while it wont cause any issues its nice to have a clean log control[RscCombo]: Unexpected control type [4] to manually fix just remove this line, seems ctrlSetText isn't valid control for combo box _RecipeCategories ctrlSetText "Recipe Categories"; As for your second issue, i put the rules app on as well and didn't have any issues i couldn't find the deploy bike app to test it as well but generally each app should be responsible for removing its own controls if it doesnt you will experience what you say in your post. If you want to post / pm a link to your mission file i can take a look ?
  14. Brun

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    Hi, I would love to have it like that Hollow, the problems are.. 1. There is no category against recipes 2. The returned / pictured items all return the same category "UnknownMagazine" eg CraftMetalPole Returns Exile_Item_MetalPole ["Exile_Item_MetalPole"] call BIS_fnc_itemType; ["Magazine","UnknownMagazine"] CookBBQSandwich Returns Exile_Item_BBQSandwich_Cooked ["Exile_Item_BBQSandwich_Cooked"] call BIS_fnc_itemType; ["Magazine","UnknownMagazine"] Possible Solutions are 1. Server owners add a new custom class attribute to all recipes ( as they are user defined anyways ) eg added category = "Food" class CookBBQSandwich: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Cook BBQ Sandwich"; pictureItem = "Exile_Item_BBQSandwich_Cooked"; requiresFire = 1; returnedItems[] = { {1, "Exile_Item_BBQSandwich_Cooked"} }; tools[] = { "Exile_Item_CookingPot" }; components[] = { {1, "Exile_Item_BBQSandwich"} }; category = "Food" }; 2. Use the Exile defined "Interactions >> Using" attribute, only thing here is in many cases its not populated gettext(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> "Exile_Item_BBQSandwich_Cooked" >> "Interactions" >> "Using") = Consume Solution 1 seems like the best, tell me what you think or if you have better idea ?
  15. Brun

    Exile and Namalsk Public Test

    gonna need 2 test servers by look of it