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  1. We were actually talking about it in this topic and it seems that it is hard to fill such a Server, since the hardcore Players switched to other Survival mods or Games.
  2. Xanto

    Exile: Too Easy?

    I dont really mind if its first or third person, atleast the items are more rare so battles against good geared groups are fun, challening and rewarding again. Also base raiding is even a "choice" since on normal servers you can just sell all shit to store it in a 132753k(maximum-limit) 100% save locker and dont even need a base since you can buy all shit you want for playing. On normal Servers the only thing you do to get the most money is missions, missions, missions and missions. And like I said on a more hardcore server it could even be more worth to fight against good geared players and sell/use their high end gear or raid a base that got all their poptabs/high end gear stored in their safes, since the missions are rare or only contain low gear.
  3. Xanto

    Exile: Too Easy?

    Hmm I dont know how Dayz standalone manage to get ~10k players and breaking point ~1k but here we are with ~4k Exile players struggling to get one hardcore Server full. Kinda sad.
  4. Xanto

    Exile: Too Easy?

    My thoughts exactly. There are enough hardcore players its just hard to gather them together, and since there are alot little hardcore communitys having some Players it would be amazing if we could create one populated hardcore Server together.
  5. Xanto

    Exile Getting Exiled?

    It was just a little rage because of a dumb answer/question from someone. I think they want to spend some time without coding and want to do a little break, you cant blame them for it look what an awesome job they did till now (for free) so give them some time to relax.
  6. Xanto


    Cooldown times on spawns that Serverowners can adjust would be awesome.
  7. Xanto

    Gratis Admintool das sich lohnt?

    Was ich als Spieler besonders an Infistar liebe ist der anti wall glitch bei exile Wänden. Ich meide sogar Server ohne dieses Feature, weil es sonst kinderleicht ist sich in fremde basen zu glitchen.
  8. Xanto

    Tanoa is the balls

    I hope you got a good pc because the map is aids for your fps and I sadly had to experience it myself after buying it -.- Yet I will still play it if I find a server with settings that I like.
  9. Xanto

    Loving Exile less than yesterday

    Normaly I would agree with you but a zombie script is something different. He is talking about exile adding a zombie script, which would would add another huge feature for exile that alot of players would like or why even alot of players started with exile. (the whole fucking arma hype started with arma 2 DAYZ) And since we know that Exile are AWESOME in coding/designing, the zombies would be really well made.
  10. Link: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/?p=3027032
  11. Maybe it have something to do with this: Added: New #maxPing, #maxPacketLoss and #maxDesync commands for server administrators (documentation WIP)
  12. Xanto

    Kiwi - Base Raiding explosives.. WTF?

    You could try it out, because if the community want something then its that this app is also free. So its a big reason for them to donate and if it wont work you could use the old system again.
  13. Xanto

    Cannot construct Razor Wire

    I remember that a dev said he disabled it, because it is somehow a problem.
  14. Xanto

    Exile VS Rust which is prefered

    Also alot of changes that arent in the devblogs