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  1. iVaper

    Server locks and kicks all players repeatedly

    The very last thing that should be displayed in the rpt/console log(s) should be "[Display #24]" . This would represent that the server is completely ready and open to accept players. Additionally, there are a lot of exile calls that you're missing from your rpt/console log. "ExileServer - Done loading containers!" "ExileServer - Creating spawn zone vehicles..." "ExileServer - Spawning Dynamic Vehicles. GridSize: 4200 Vehs/Gris: 2" "ExileServer - Dynamic Vehicles spawned. Count : 32" "ExileServer - Game world initialized! Let the fun begin!" "ExileServer - Server is up and running! Version 1.0.3" "ExileServer - Job with handle 10006 added." "ExileServer - Main thread started" Without those showing in the logs, the server isn't successfully started and/or accepting clients to connect to it. The very last item in a freshly created, started server will be [Display #24] on it's own line in the rpt. If the server never reaches that point, something is misconfigured and it cannot unlock/open to accept connections. Nor will it show on any browser lists to connect to (in-game browser or A3Launcher) I've pasted my servers RPT (started it, waited for [Display #24] then stopped it). There are errors, but they're related to a construction mod I'm working on that isn't available to public so don't mind those. The server is linux and heavily modded as well.
  2. iVaper


    Vehicle traders have to call a different function than the armory/gear/food traders. The call function is inherently tied to the script that runs to dispatch the menu for that vendor. ["Exile_Trader_Aircraft", ["HubBriefing_scratch","HubBriefing_stretch","HubBriefing_think","HubBriefing_lookAround1","HubBriefing_lookAround2"], "Exile_Trader_Aircraft", "WhiteHead_16", [[],[],[],["U_I_pilotCoveralls",[]],[],[],"H_PilotHelmetHeli_O","G_Combat",[],["","","","","",""]], [4903.75, 9638.17, 339.001], [-0.559193, 0.829038, 0], [0, 0, 1]], That would be the correct syntax to call the Aircraft menu. This is also considering that you have the vendor config set correctly to display the proper items, prices and quality as well. ["Exile_Trader_Vehicle", ["HubBriefing_scratch","HubBriefing_stretch","HubBriefing_think","HubBriefing_lookAround1","HubBriefing_lookAround2"], "Exile_Trader_Vehicle", "WhiteHead_11", [[],[],[],["U_C_Driver_4",[]],[],[],"H_RacingHelmet_4_F","G_Bandanna_shades",[],["","","","","",""]], [4013.88, 11681.9, 363.452], [0.104528, -0.994522, 0], [0, 0, 1]] Notice the subtle difference between a aircraft and vehicle trader? It's the first call function in the array.. Now, say you want to add a custom trader that sells vehicles/aircraft as well.. not to hard to do either. ["Exile_Trader_Vehicle", ["HubBriefing_scratch","HubBriefing_stretch","HubBriefing_think","HubBriefing_lookAround1","HubBriefing_lookAround2"], "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "GreekHead_A3_07", [[],[],[],["CUP_U_C_Pilot_01",[]],[],[],"H_Bandanna_gry","G_Bandanna_sport",[],["","","","","",""]], [4009.63, 11616.5, 359.918], [0.139173, 0.990268, 0], [0, 0, 1]], The thing that sets the CommunityCustom vendor apart from the rest, the first call must be Exile_Trader_Vehicle or Exile_Trader_Aircraft in order to call the correct vendor menu. Obviously there are several other working parts to the whole vendoring setup, without access to the files, there isn't a lot to assist with. Unless you have a moderate idea of what goes where and the proper syntaxes to allow the calls to function correctly.
  3. iVaper

    Custom Spawns don't work

    You can't jump from class item99 to class item1 in your config. You also don't have a definition of what class item1 is (where your markers start. class Markers { items = xx; //total number of markers + spawn points class item0 { datatype = "Marker"; position[]= {xxxx.xx, x, xxx.xx}; name = "ExileMarker1"; text = "SomeRandomText"; // text of the marker to display markertype = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileSpawnZone"; // or "ExileSpawnZoneIcon" colorname = "ColorBlack"; fillname = "Border"; }; class item1 { datatype = "Marker"; position[]= {xxxx.xx, x, xxx.xx}; name = "ExileMarker2"; text = "SomeRandomText"; // text of the marker to display markertype = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileSpawnZone"; // or "ExileSpawnZoneIcon" colorname = "ColorBlack"; fillname = "Border"; }; class item2 { datatype = "Marker"; position[]= {xxxx.xx, x, xxx.xx}; name = "ExileMarker3"; text = "SomeRandomText"; // text of the marker to display markertype = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileSpawnZone"; // or "ExileSpawnZoneIcon" colorname = "ColorBlack"; fillname = "Border"; }; // repeat process above, increasing item# for each spawn point }; All markers/spawn points have to start with item0, you have to take into consideration that one item is the marker, one item is the spawn point. items = xx; is the TOTAL number of markers + spawn points, beginning with zero. I gave 3 spawn zone examples to show the proper syntax. To simplify it, I corrected your .sqm --> http://pastebin.com/sSMw2Fq7
  4. iVaper

    Can't seem to get my server working right please help thanks.

    pastebin.com is free. post the raw data there and then give the link. the R3F_log (R3F Logistics) isn't configured correctly, hence the error you're getting. Without some basic knowledge of coding, you aren't going to figure where it's misconfigured. Buying and selling issue, will under usual situations be caused by a syntax error within the vendor codes (where you set the prices, quality and table). There could also be corrupted tables within the database. Again, without RPT logs, there is very limited help we can give.
  5. iVaper

    Developer Needed

    There is more truth, which has been stated in various forms in various posts. First and foremost, any server owner should expect to pay for the server out their own pocket. They should never go into it relying on crowd funding, donations or monetization. If you cannot afford a servers monthly costs, do not get one. If you cannot foresee waiting the weeks or even months for the server to populate, do not get one. With the sheer number of servers available, there is going to be one that suits your needs and/or your groups needs. @Tobias Solem has the right mindset, exile needs a lot more players not another empty server that mimics what 200 other servers are doing. Learning the code, having the patience and configuring the server are the hardest and most rewarding things an owner/admin does. Personally, I don't mind spending hours in the code, optimizing it, changing it to suit what I believe will offer the best overall experience for players. I don't mind the thankless job that as an owner/admin this entails. I ignore all the accusations from players that because I'm an owner/admin, cause we're not ever allowed to play on the server we pay for and we configured for others to enjoy. I don't mind that I pay for the server out of my own pocket and refuse to ever accept a penny from anyone under any circumstance. I've had a few people attempt to donate, I denied the payment and it was given back to them. Owning a server is nice and all, but you have to be prepared for a lot more than just owning it. There is so much more to it, you're best to ask as many questions as possible, even if they're stupid. You will ultimately learn how the server runs and how to diagnose the issues as well as fix them when shit hits the fan after Arma updates. Best of luck to you. ps: sorry for necroing a thread that is quite old.
  6. iVaper

    [BH] Bandithero Chernarus Winter

    BanditHero servers have active development in a constant changing Arma environment. Updates happen, we fix them within a couple of hours. Server runs on quad xeon E3-1230 V2 (32 cores), 128gb memory, 10gb fiber port and 12 tb of storage. All packed together with a custom linux kernel developed by iVaper. High frames and low latency, even for our friends in the EU. Our zombie code was stripped and rewritten to ensure the best optimization of zombies around.
  7. iVaper

    Custom Vehicle Trader

    Pretty much.. an CommunityCustom vendor will not open the vehicle/aircraft function, he will attempt to sell you a vehicle to your backpack. By telling it that it is a Vehicle or Aircraft trader, they will open the correct option to sell a vehicle/aircraft. The first ["Traderclassname"] in the example is the important one to change.
  8. iVaper

    Searching for a DEVELOPER

    If you're running Altis, you don't need Cup Terrains or Cup Maps. You only need those if you're running ported A2 maps (or maps that also use A2 buildings, objects, terrains, etc.) Just thought I would point that out for ya since no one else either caught it or cared to mention it.
  9. iVaper

    Custom Vehicle Trader

    Use the CommunityCustom trader. When you place them in the 3den Editor, you will see they're listed as as: my trader before ["Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", ["HubBriefing_scratch"], "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "AfricanHead_02", [[],[],[],["CUP_U_C_Pilot_01",[]],[],[],"","G_Aviator",[],["","","","","",""]], [11456, 11379.9, 317.37], [-0.422618, -0.906308, 0], [0, 0, 1]] my trader after ["Exile_Trader_Vehicle", ["HubBriefing_scratch","HubBriefing_stretch","HubBriefing_think","HubBriefing_lookAround1","HubBriefing_lookAround2"], "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "AfricanHead_02", [[],[],[],["CUP_U_C_Pilot_01",[]],[],[],"","G_Aviator",[],["","","","","",""]], [11456, 11379.9, 317.37], [-0.422618, -0.906308, 0], [0, 0, 1]] You will notice, the very first call is changed. If you don't tell it to be a "Exile_Trader_Vehicle" or "Exile_Trader_Aircraft", they will not have the correct vendor function. You will also have to define what vehicles the trader will be selling as well, but you should know how to do this if you've already created your own traders and safezone camps. Good luck.
  10. iVaper

    Stop Map Markers?

    Oh I would so love to see this implemented. I have a script that logs who places and deletes any marker, be it global, group, vehicle or direct. It logs the player UID, name, marker position, marker name and time placed. Really helpful but also fills up pretty quickly. I'd much prefer to not allow map markers placed in side chat what-so-ever, but I don't want to disable side chat.
  11. iVaper

    Trolls complain that I am too heavy-handed?

    LOL.. glad to see Clayt0n and his group got the ban hammer too. They were on my server streaming and would call EVERYONE admin abuse every time they died. Was good laughs for sure. Be warned other server owners/admins of them - they are complete trolls and LOOK to break y our rules and abuse the features you have (mods, scripts, etc). BTW, Clayt0n is the streamer of the group (https://www.twitch.tv/g_clayt0n)
  12. iVaper

    What os do you use?

    Not sure what all the fuss about Linux is. I've been running linux dedi servers for over 15 years now, never had any issues with any game I've hosted on the dedibox. Exile, Zombie mod (custom code), RHS, MAS, TRYK, CUP Terrain and NAPF - absolutely no issues setting up at all. Even had Cherno, Esseker and Altis setup on them too. Personally, I would never run Arma 3 on a winblows dedicated box either.. nope, not ever gonna happen. Not worth the drop in stability, security or performance using it. There is an abundance of information for linux to do everything you want it to do and exactly how to do it. Just requires a RTFM
  13. iVaper

    idd's to allow for R3F funcitions

    Thank you, I had completely overlooked this setting and was going directly to the IDDs. And thank you @Dew as well!