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  1. KnatteAnka

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Done the tests now and all is working as it should so the new edit is of only the file ExileServer_saveVehiclePaintRequest_network_saveVehiclePaintRequest.sqf So if using my last version revert it to default before replacing this file in the server addon folder and repack the pbo This gives you a variable _Pay that as default is set to 1000. If you don't have that money it gives you a message that you don't have 1000 (red toast). If you have the money it saves the paint and tells (blue toast) the player that 1000 is removed and paint saved
  2. KnatteAnka

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Some more testing is needed but have moved the vehicle paint price and removal to the server file and you get a toast if it work or not to save the paint
  3. KnatteAnka

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Ya that is right it is a security risk but it does work can look to see how to do it at serverside to limit the risk but that is more work and maybe if you click apply paint(step before Save paint) then you need money for the button to do anything Edit: Looked at the code and the paint of cars is saved in the databas on the server but what i can find the color of the bag and uniform is all done on the client and saved at the client. but it is still not imposible when i look at the payprotectionmoney code but its not fixed in one hr
  4. KnatteAnka

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Found how to add a price if you want to save the paint (vehicles) Replace exileSavepaint.sqf with: _Pay is the set amount of poptaps you pay. My tests show that this work maybe edit the hint to a toaster but this works All creadit goes to nrz
  5. Here comes my customization of the great script to take into account if its long or short until the pay need to be payed. set at 10 days as default All credit goes to Lunchbox and kuplion.
  6. KnatteAnka

    Improved loot spawner for v1.0.3

    My last version i use give it a chance to spawn multiple smal items(Crate only)(food,build stuff and mag) not only one of each and weapon have more loot spot value insted of stop spawn if spawned a weapon can post code if wanted:)
  7. My server uses scarcode reset warning so i can get server date and use that to only show info if low daya left but will do the vesion some smarter before i post it:)
  8. KnatteAnka

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    (cost to paint cars)Maybe look at editing save paint menu setting to then take the money. Can look at it in a week
  9. KnatteAnka

    pay for help?

    the fixes is not hard to add will help you and get started with the tank the thing you do is open your config.cpp in you mission folder and find class Car { Then select all until the end bracket ( "};" ) for Car (shown easy in red if you have notepad++) copy that and add under the end bracket and change Car to tank and there you go it is fixed now you have told the game what a tank kan use in scroll menu.
  10. Hi when anyone join my server it is one view distance set but not the one that they have set before in the ExAd xm8 app. Everything else works ok. how to fix a initial setup of view distance to there value
  11. KnatteAnka

    Dynamic Locker

    Used it some now and the last settings i use is This gives my players some goal to work for and you start with less but get in the end more but the good thing is that you can tweek the limits and the more levels you have the higher the limit go no limit how many levels for my script
  12. KnatteAnka

    Exile Server Management

    can you set a steam mod as server mod for me that does not work and problem with exile_client not adding
  13. KnatteAnka

    Exile Server Management

    also it did delete exile bikey ....
  14. KnatteAnka

    Exile Server Management

    What ever port i select is always sets it to 2302