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  1. custom

    Custom 3 = the !chat, To clear 3D markers you NEED to look up into the sky and use Custom Key 2 again,
  2. I dont know if I am too late on this, but I found a fix. In your ExAdClient\StatsBar\Functions\fn_getTimerStr.sqf you will need to change; _minutes = 59 - floor ((_time % 3600) / 60); to _minutes = 29 - floor ((_time % 3600) / 60); Then locate back to your ExAdClient\StatsBar\customize.sqf and then set; ExAd_SB_Timer = 3; With "ExAd_SB_Timer = 3;" it will set your statusbar to show 2:29 when the server restarts. Basically what it does is change the starting timer from 2:59 to 2:29.
  3. Battlemetrics is not working for my server for some reason. Was working before the update but now after the update it shows the server is offline when its not.
  4. Premium Exile Chernarus

    Name: Premium Exile Chernarus A3Launcher: Search "Premium Exile Chernarus" and hit "JOIN" IP: Discord: discord.gg/yZS6Rbd Website: https://www.PremiumExile.com Mods: -Exile (Obviously) -CUP Terrains Maps -CUP Terrains Core -CUP Units -CUP Weapons -CUP Vehicles -CBA_A3 -TRYK -HVP Custom Scripts: -DMS Missions -ZCP Capture Points -Safe-zone Anti-Theft -ExAd XM8 Additions -Mission Crate Loading -Mission Crate Selling -Vehicle Towing -Respect Loadouts -Base Raiding -Enigma Revive -Better Killfeeds -Base Spawning -Rappelling -Custom Weed Harvesting Field -Vehicle Salvage -Many More
  5. Connect to what ftp? Can I create my own or what? Will a dedicated server have a ftp? I currently go in through "Remote Desktop Connection"
  6. I am looking to transfer my files to a better host, I am not getting the preformance I need to hold 60+ players at once on the server I now have. I contacted my server provider, and they said they would not help transfer my data between their servers. Because of this, and how I found a better deal with another provider, I will be switching hosts. The only thing is, What do I need to transfer? I had someone set the server up for me, so I do not know what is needed. I know to copy the Server file, but how do I move databases and such? And is there also anything else I need to move as well?
  7. So I just updated my servers infistar to infiSTAR.de EXILE ([BETA 1498508639]) but now all components of exad have stopped working. Can anyone help me?
  8. I just updated my infistar now, and virtual garages stopped working. Is there a way to fix them?
  9. The latest beta fixes this issue?
  10. On my server I have a problem where ATVs are getting sucked into the ground while driving them. Also, bikes are randomly getting shot 1000km/h in the reverse direction. Thirdly, when driving vehicles with guns on top, all the players inside will randomly die. I can't find anything like this on the forums, and I have no clue what is going on. When I ask on the discord no one has a clue. Hopefully someone here on the forums knows
  11. But seriously, does anyone know a fix? This is hapening all the time with cars and stuff too. I have a feeling it is infistar or battleye, but I have no clue how to fix it. I have never added any battleeye or infistar stuff when adding scripts that is probably the issue, but I just dont know how to add them.
  12. So on my server, I have a bug where players riding bikes will randomly accelerate and go over 1000 km/h and then die. I am wondering if there is a fix for this, if anyone else has had the bug before, or what I should do?
  13. So I have finished my traders and everything, I have all the prices I want to add to my server, but I don't know where to put the code I have for the prices. I tried putting it under CfgTraderCategories in my .pbo but that didn't work and I don't know where else to put it. I have been asking on discord but no one is answering. Edit 1: I moved it to CfgExileAresenal but now I get this error: https://i.gyazo.com/23957eb1c7ede873691766c99ec2a9a4.png I tried removing that line, but I still get the error. Every time I remove the line that says is the error, it says another line is already defined and the server won't start? Edit 2: I actually had a folder with all my prices in it, which was the problem.
  14. I started my server for the first time with your mission file yesterday though, I have no pre-existing mission file.
  15. They are the updated files you uploaded last night, but I don't know how to disable strict mode.