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  1. I am using the wastedump to sell vehicles, which is normal? As I said, I am using the default script here aswell as the included PBO which is placed in @ExileServer\addons This only happens when the crate has been sold. If you sell the vehicle before, there is no issues. If you sell the crate before the vehicle, you get minus respect, as you see in the pictures.
  2. @Monkeynutz Hello Monkey! I have a little problem. When selling a crate its normally fine, but when selling a vehicle via the wastedump right after says "+ -1500" (1500 is just an example) and it removes 1500 respect from the player. I've had this problem for a while, and I've been trying to fix it myself, but to no avail ): Attached pictures. I have not modified the script, and I am using extDB3. Getting this in my client RPT files 18:17:22 Error in expression <{ _itemClassName = _x select 0; }; if !(_itemClassName isEqualTo "") then { _lis> 18:17:22 Error position: <_itemClassName isEqualTo "") then { _lis> 18:17:22 Error Undefined variable in expression: _itemclassname 18:17:22 File exile_client\code\ExileClient_util_containerCargo_list.sqf, line 39
  3. @chrispools You have gonna have to create it yourself, or find someone elses. This only includes loot posistions. Should be easy to do, you could try and rename the current PBO to "Exile.Chernarus_2035.pbo" it is not guarenteed to work though. Remember to install Chernarus 2035 from the workshop.
  4. @chrispools There is a folder called "@Chernaros 2035" copy that to your root server folder where "arma3server.exe" or "arma3server_x64.exe" are. Add "@Chernarus 2035" to your parameters in "-servermod" Eg: mod: "-mod=@Exile;CUP Terrains - Core;@Chernarus 2035" Add ";" if there are more client side mods If you have any server mod files like infiSTAR Exile Add that to servermod Eg: servermod: "-servermod=@infiSTAR_Exile" same thing if ";"
  5. @Brunk I see that you made another thread. extDB3 is not officially supported by Exile. In your extDB logs I see that you are using Version 1.027. Have you tried using Version 1.031? https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/downloads/ Saying "Please help" doesnt really get you anywhere. People will help you whenever they can and want to.
  6. This file includes loot posistions for nearly all buildings in Chernarus 2035. This is not complete. Will do updates as time goes on. It is available here: https://github.com/magn456/Chernarus-2035-Loot-Building-Posistions The file is named "cfgBuildings.hpp", place it in "@exile_server_config\addons\exile_server_config" add this to "config.cpp" #include "cfgBuildings.hpp" If cfgBuildings is already present in "config.cpp" then copy the contents of "cfgBuildings.hpp" and replace it. THIS IS ONLY FOR Chernarus 2035! If you have any questions, please ask them
  7. So you are running extDB3 without running that file? I thought that was absolutely neccesary.
  8. I noticed that you can use extDB3 on a 32-bit server, but Im sure that wouldnt help, as it uses the same code. I appriciate the input. We will most likely move to extDB2 again as Exile is mainly developed for that. A wipe isnt bad, as it brings new players in, but I would like to avoid of possible though.
  9. Hello Exile Community! I made a small modification to Exile Grinding, so you need 5 batteries per door (changeable) 1. Download these two files from my GitHub Link: https://github.com/magn456/Exile_Grinding 2. Make a folder called "Custom" (or something else, just remember this) inside your mission file. 3. Move these files to "Custom" 4. Open config.cpp, find "CfgExileCustomCode and add these lines to it. If these two files are placed somewhere else, replace "Custom" to your wherever these files are. class CfgExileCustomCode { // Other Overrides above.. ExileServer_object_lock_network_grindLockRequest.sqf = "Custom\ExileServer_object_lock_network_grindLockRequest.sqf"; ExileClient_action_grindLock_condition.sqf = "Custom\ExileClient_action_grindLock_condition.sqf"; }; Optional Step Configure how many batteries you need to grind To do that, edit these files and find _requiredamount = 5; change 5 to your desired amount. In "ExileServer_object_lock_network_grindLockRequest.sqf" Add how many batteries should be removed if you changed "_requiredamount" by doing adding more of these to the file. _playerObject removeItem "Exile_Magazine_Battery"; I am also pretty sure having alot of the code above is not suitable in a live enviroment, but I may be wrong. If there is a better way to do this, then please say so (Sorry for bad explantion in the optional step, if you need clarification on how to edit how many batteries you need, send me a PM, and I'll happily help you)
  10. True that. Is there any benefit going from 64-bit to 32 on the server? 64-bit, allows you to go beyond the 2GB Ram limit (I believe) and has performance benefits. Do you need to do anything if I want to change to 32-bit? This is already on a live server, and I would like to avoid a wipe unless completely neccesary.
  11. Hello, I seem to have the same problem as Razor. The flag gets deleted, but the contruction and containers remain. I also seem to be getting Deadlocks. I get these errors in the extDB3 logs: [00:20:30:390063 +02:00] [Thread 4596] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction [00:20:30:390077 +02:00] [Thread 4596] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: Input: deleteUnpaidTerritories:2 [00:20:30:390163 +02:00] [Thread 1836] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction [00:20:30:390171 +02:00] [Thread 1836] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: Input: markDeleteUnpaidTerritories:7 [00:20:30:390273 +02:00] [Thread 4448] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction [00:20:30:390280 +02:00] [Thread 4448] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: Input: deleteBaseFlagStolen:3 What does this mean and how do we fix this?
  12. @Thanos232 And the are the mods are loading correctly?
  13. @Thanos232 Hope you read the GitHub page.. When using chernarus_winter, you need CUP Terrains Core, CUP Terrains Maps and Chernarus Winter. It is all specified on the GitHub page.
  14. Try replacing your description.ext with this https://pastebin.com/UREyxhxS Also send your extDB log.
  15. This is because the SQL database is set to scrict mode. To disable scrict mode do the following: Do it via a query: SET @@GLOBAL.sql_mode=""; However if you decide to restart your SQL server then you need to redo this query everytime, or you are gonna get these errors. Put this inside your my.cnf config file under [mysqld] sql-mode="" Put this inside that config file then you dont need to re-run the query everytime you restart your SQL server.