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      Official Discord   03/15/17

      https://discord.gg/FMkqWpF Click the link above and join our Official Discord!  Chat with developers and get quicker support!
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      New XM8 Discord Bot   05/15/17

      Our new XM8 Discord Bot will send you notifications about events happening in-game, even if you are not online!  Read about it on the Devblog:  
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      1.0.4 "Pineapple" Release   03/08/18

      Inmates! We have launched 1.0.4 update for Exile. You can read about the release here:   
    • WolfkillArcadia

      Exile Server 1.0.4a hotfix out!   03/09/18

      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

      Just download the server files from the downloads section. 


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  1. Emton

    Hey where'd ur other face go this face is creeping me out

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    2. Mezo


      Indeed :D 

    3. Emton


      Since ur not a mod now the warning point u gave me must be removed!

    4. Mezo


      haha, that's not going to happen ;):P