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  1. I have them up and force seeding. You should be getting the downloads. If you are not uploading people might not be downloading the torrents at this time. Updated the Pomelo link as it was incorrect. Tested and it worked for me. please give it a try and see if it is now working for you.
  2. if we have a site that can host the .torrent file then yes we can host them. I was using an external site to not put any additional load on the exile site. All of the .torrent files are under 30KB in size and can probably be hosted here if the site has the storage and bandwidth capacity.
  3. For anyone following this topic, KickassTorrents has been taken down. I am working on a new site and will update the original post as soon as I have new links created. For those who already downloaded the files and are seeding them, you will not need to do anything as they will continue seeding to people who download from the new torrent service.
  4. I just pulled down a new copy from the torrent being seeded. It has extracted correctly for me. From what I can see in your post it looks like you did not down load this from the torrent link but from one of the mirrors. You might want to post this in the support for clientside forum for assistance.
  5. Below are links to torrents for previous versions of exile. I put these up for people who are playing on servers that have not updated. These are the original files released by the Exile team. I claim no ownership of the content and just wanted to make the files available for those who need them. If anyone has unmodified original .zip files of previous releases please contact me and I will get them added. Client Files 0.9.4 Lime http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.4-Lime.zip.torrent 0.9.41 Clementine http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.41-Clementine.zip.torrent 0.9.6 Pomelo http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-Pomelo.zip.torrent 0.9.61 Plum http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.61-Plum.zip.torrent 0.9.61 SP1 Plum hotfix http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.61-Plum-SP1.zip.torrent 0.9.8 Kiwi http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.8.zip.torrent 1.0.0 Potato http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.0%20-Potato.zip.torrent 1.0.1 Sweet Potato http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.1-Sweet Potato.zip.torrent 1.0.2 Kohlrabi http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.2-Kohlrabi.zip.torrent 1.0.3 Lemon http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.3-Lemon.zip.torrent 1.0.4 Pineapple http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.4-Pineapple.zip.c3e2f9fbd6b7b21c.torrent Server Files 0.9.41 Clementine Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.41-ClementineServer.zip.torrent 0.9.6 Pomelo Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.6-PolmeloServer.zip.torrent 0.9.8 Kiwi Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-0.9.8-KiwiServer.zip.torrent 1.0.0 Potato Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.0-PotatoServer.zip.torrent 1.0.1 Sweet Potato Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.1-SweetPotatoServer.zip.torrent 1.0.2 Kohlrabi Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.2-KohlrabiServer.zip.torrent 1.0.3b Lemon Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.3b-LemonServer.zip.torrent 1.0.4 Pineapple Server Files http://claytonia.net/exile/@Exile-1.0.4-pineappleServer.zip.605d67e18ba01cfe.torrent Map Files Namalsk 1.0.0 http://claytonia.net/exile/@Namalsk-1.0.0.zip.torrent You can also find all of the torrent files on Google drive at This link A big thank you Claytonia Gaming for hosting these files and another thank you to Frogmeat and <CG> ClayGarth for digging these files up from our server.
  6. Flareside

    Pomelo version

    I found the file and uploaded it as a torrent for those who play on servers that have not been updated yet. The link is below. https://kat.cr/arma-3-exile-mod-pomelo-update-t12851423.html