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  1. Hi, could someone help me figure out how to access the loottables for the roaming vehicles? I want to be able to adjust or even remove the loot inside the vehicle cargo, to fit my server environment (mods). !! Nevermind, i think i found it in the occupationVehicle.sqf. !!
  2. Typos... Those can be a pain Good you found your error. It's part of the learning curve i guess Question tho, did you get the Ambient temperature to show up on panthera? for some reason it's getting no value on that data for me. I didn't really look into it yet, but probably linked to data within the map's files?
  3. That's why you'd better port exile to panthera yourself from scratch, instead of using these outdated files. Build your traders up yourself and all the rest that follows. It's really not that hard I've just finished a successful port over, and the server is about to be launched live.
  4. Doesn't sound like a decent fix if you're using RHS Do they affect any important features within the addons? (for basic use)
  5. Did you try without the empty gap in the middle?
  6. I've got this one too :(
  7. Has there been any progress on this one ?? I'm trying to get this working too
  8. Problems solved this topic can be closed :)
  9. spawn

    I'm having this problem with my server for every client, since the last patch... is there a fix for this ??? Problem solved for me
  10. Allright, sending you both mission file and Server rpt, as i can't get in the server i don't get any client rpt from it.. I did the stamina flags stamina fix thingy tho so that's not the issue here, even before all the update issues, i had many problems to get infiSTAR working.. Check your PM infiSTAR
  11. i think it's in your Description.ext First line: forceRotorLibSimulation = 2; // Default value: 0 - options based; 1 - force enable; 2 - force disable In Exile's Description.ext it's defualted on 2 ( force disable) if you change this value to 0, you should get the results you want :)
  12. i agree
  13. Like with a hatch, would be cool indeed, but to make it so you can only use them from one side of the wall is a little harder to do i think
  14. You can do that yourself with various addons
  15. i guess you'll have to disable the check for bikeys then, but that's only a very quick fix..