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  1. par4na

    Freeze when entering vehicles

    Status bar is fixed. I noticed that when this happens, the marks of completed missions do not disappear.
  2. par4na

    Freeze when entering vehicles

    It is not at all times that this happens. Does anyone know how to help?
  3. par4na

    [SOLVED] need help with infiSTAR for Altis Life

    altis life??
  4. par4na

    DB Input String addAccountZombieKill

    exile.ini [addAccountZombieKill] SQL1_1 = UPDATE account SET zedkills = zedkills + 1 WHERE uid = ? Number Of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 run query exile sql ALTER TABLE account ADD zedkills int(11) DEFAULT '0'
  5. par4na

    [XM8 App] Personal Base Location Markers

    It is difficult to modify to show owner vehicles?
  6. par4na

    Server Security (Stopping the random kicks)

    Will not have FPS drop?
  7. ********* Dedicated Server Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 or Intel Core i7 3770 Memory: 16 GB DDR3 HD: 250 GB SATA III Bandwidth: 10 TB Network: 1 Gbps Operating Systems: WinServer 2008 IP Allocation: 5 IPv4 DDoS Protection: 10 Gbps KVM Over IP Remote Desktop Datacenter New York ********* EXILE SERVER: MYSQL Server - server mysql Navicat - client mysql FireDaemon Pro - exile server start/stop/restart FireDaemon Fusion - exile server web start/stop/restart BEC - battleye extended controls Delivery up to 72 hours after payment Interested send pm. my contacts
  8. par4na

    PUTOS | Exile Altis

    Mods Required: Addons and Script: Rank and KillBoard
  9. Do I need to remove all FIX?
  10. par4na

    RCON ban script | get GUID
  11. par4na

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    How do I add it? createDialog 'RscDisplayServerInfoMenu'
  12. par4na

    NEW A3 DMS Mission " Fort Knox 2 "

    How do I convert only the fort to Eden?