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  1. Kuplion's linked script above is a great way to modify the zombie spawn rates and just about every other factor involved with zeds. I'm personally against zombies but we run it because of a community vote and it performs well enough that I find it bearable to play with zeds.
  2. Dunno if you already are but you can run acdy bridges. We ran that on Tanoa and it's great. But that doesn't add a bridge from main island to northwest isle. You'll have to build that yourself.
  3. mysql noob

    Sounds like a database issue for sure. The only time I encountered this was during the 1.67 to 1.68 version change where the player hit points had cut off an extra "]" and you had to run a query to change the variable characters for the field to 1024. Dunno if that aids you in any way.
  4. Eyup. Blind. Thanks.
  5. @kuplion I updated to the new version and just remembered that'd I'd not re-modified the Loot & Death loot crate. But looking through it now and I don't see the file that used to have the item array for the crate. Maybe I'm blind. I dunno.
  6. .

  7. Maybe this is already a feature and I've missed it but I thought I'd ask. It seems that if zeds touch a base part (wall etc;) they despawn and that works great. Unless players get the bright idea to build a base inside of an existing building. Despite constantly advising against it, it would seem that that players will insist on attempting it. When this happens, zeds can glitch through the existing building's walls and then some will die and some won't. Those that won't end up inside the base and chase the player around. I watched this the other day with a player and listened to them complaining about it. I wanted to ask if it was possible to have a feature wherein a distance to territory perimeter is set that despawns zombies. Say, setting it to 10 meters from the edge of the territory perimeter would mark that distance as the despawn radius and prevent this from occurring. Not sure if it's something you'd want to do. Just thought I'd ask.
  8. If your client version of Arma doesn't match the server version of Arma you won't be able to load in. Often times a server owner will stay on the previous version to find out if there are serious bugs/conflicts that arise following an Arma version update. I did the same with my server yesterday but we were fortunate in that there are no reported bugs from this update and so I updated my server this morning. Like @Kitfoo said, once the server owner rolls out the new version you'll be good to go.
  9. Ah. I see. I'll obtain that script. Thanks for the help.
  10. Here's one that a player just brought to my attention. If you find a non-persistent vehicle and take it to the vehicle trader at a safe zone to add a pin you get the following message: I ran the message through the forum search, along with a few variations and came up with nothing. Google wasn't terribly helpful either. I checked my config.cpp and have the following set: Not sure where to look? I've tested this on non-persistent lada, ambulance and octavius. All give the same message. Clearly it sees the vehicle and the money when you attempt to add a pin: Any insight is appreciated.
  11. Thanks. I knew I wasn't going crazy.
  12. I loaded back in and the harassment zombies spawned as group 22 but they've been working fine. A horde (still unsure if I'm applying the term to the correct thing) spawned in and they were all also group 22 and everything worked as it should. The server went down for restart so I loaded in again to test. First two harassment zeds spawned as group 18, units 2. I stood around for awhile, no horde. Then I shot those two to see if something would happen. 3rd harassment zed spawned as group 19 and almost immediately a horde spawned as group 19 units 10, just as it should with no hostility between the zeds. So I dunno what the deal is man. The video I posted was the third time it happened, so it can't have simply alleviated itself right?
  13. do you want that for harassment zeds or for the big horde group?
  14. See I'm not sure what exactly the "horde" is. I see the horde related settings, and I assume it's the mass group spawn that occurs all at once in normal cities/towns etc. I'm not referring to the group that spawns in the map indicated large red ring zone, I think the file refers to that area as "no man's land". But yes it's a large spawn group of about 8-10 zombies that spawn all at once. It's happened twice now, once in Georgetown and once in Regina. Is it potentially because they're spawning as different ai groups? like OPFOR vs NATO? Anyway,I caught it on video for you occurring again in Georgetown (apologies for running around so crazy but you can see them attacking one another):
  15. Yeah I've logged off and on twice and it's happened twice that I've seen now. It's only the large group spawn, never the harassment zombies or those that spawn in the red mission zone.