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  1. Jamie

    Battleye Filter Tool

    TEMP VERSION FOR YOU: https://jamiechivers.com/A3APTemp/BEF.php
  2. Jamie

    Battleye Filter Tool

    I reinstalled the OS on my linux box the site was hosted on and haven't got around to setting up virtual host for multiple sites, so my personal site takes priority, at the weekend I will fix a3ap.com, for now, i have killed the domain. If your desperate, I can provide you with some code to host it yourself.
  3. Jamie

    Battleye Filter Tool

    Allways use V1, but in the event that doesn't work, use V2 V1 escapes " V2 Doesnt
  4. Jamie

    BE Script restriction #0 et #11

    You need to work through all of the exceptions until you have whitelisted them all. My advice would be to lock the server so only you can enter it. Set your BE Filters to Log to the log file by changing the 7 to a 1 at the beginning of the line in scripts.txt. Join the server and play around a little. Find the scripts.txt log file and whitelist the exceptions from that. This will save you a lot of time.
  5. Jamie

    [CLOSED] Getting bots on server

    As i previously stated this forum is for Exilemod not Altis life, however i do have some experience with Altis life, PM me on here with your RPT log file and I will take a look for you
  6. Jamie

    [CLOSED] Getting bots on server

    This is a site for ExileMod not for Altis life, give this a go: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/wiki
  7. Jamie

    $$ customize my server $$ please

    Renting a server: EWWWWWWW. DEDI ALL THE WAY. OVH OVH OVH Go Big or Go Home.
  8. Jamie

    Exile Loot Drop DLL

  9. Jamie

    Error with battlefilters.

    Change the above (Line 2) to: 7 createUnit !="creategroup sidelogic;\nbis_functions_mainscope = _grpLogic createunit [\"Logic\",[9,9,9],[],0,\"none\"];\nbis_functions_mainscope set" !="rAdd [0, 0, _rappelHeight];\n\n_gameLogicLeader = _heliGroup createUnit [\"LOGIC\", ASLToAGL _positionASL, [], 0, \"\"];\n_heliGroup se" !="\n\n\n\n\n_group = BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__group;\n\n_logic = _group createUnit [\"Logic\", [_attachPos select 0,_attachPos select 1,0], []," !="leAI 'ANIM';\n this disableConversation true;\n this addMPEventHandler ['MPKilled', {_this spawn ZMPKilled;}];\n nul = [this,_av" !="snil \"Ryanzombiesdisableexplodingheads\") then {_zombie addEventHandler [\"HandleDamage\",{_this call RZ_fnc_ZombieKilled; nil}];};" And give that a try
  10. Jamie

    Battleye Filter Tool

    Well you just extended the date by another 2 months Thanks <3
  11. Jamie

    Battleye Filter Tool

    Thankyou, i believe i emailed you
  12. Jamie

    Battleye Filter Tool

  13. Jamie

    Trader voices

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playSound3D You would need to add this to the transaction success. ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleResponse ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseItemResponse ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleResponse ExileClient_system_territory_network_purchaseTerritoryResponse Its very simple to do this Bellow is it in its most simplest form. _YesNo = random 10; if(_YesNo >=6) then { playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\Alarm_BLUFOR.wss", player]; //ADD YOUR SOUNDS HERE ;) }; Ofc this would want improving a LOT, for example setting the volume and making the sound originate from the trader instead of the player, but thats easily done. If you want to make it MORE realistic, make your traders mouth move as he speaks https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setRandomLip And give them a smile https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMimic You can even control their blink rate lol https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFaceAnimation
  14. Jamie

    Auto restart help

    Please paste your restart batch file so someone can help you, there are many ways of doing this...
  15. Jamie

    Debug Console

    you could make your own debug console TODO: create a button and a text box onbutton click event make it run a script In the script get the code text from the textbox and call compile the code _text = ctrlText 12345; //IDC Of Textbox _code = compile _text; call _code; Something as simple as the above would work for local exec Good Luck