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  1. Chronical

    Xcam 3D Editor

    Müsste nur wer nen Weg finden das ganze nachdem man es exportiert hat, vernünftig und einfach in die initserver.sqf einzupflegen.
  2. Documents/arma3_Other_Profiles/your_Profile/mission/your_mission
  3. You have to load the map in Editor, place a unit on tha map and add: player addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>get loot positions</t>","BuildingPositions.sqf"]; to the initationline. Then you go and preview the mission. After that you walk to the building and use it.
  4. I wrote this simple and short script due to a workaround and i thought it could be helpful for some of you guys. enjoy! Just save the script as BuildingPositions.sqf and put it into your mission.pbo
  5. Chronical

    mARMA - Server Monitoring, Live Map, RE...

    Am i blind or stupid... i dont find the downloadlink ^^ Update: im blind
  6. Chronical

    Not Allowed Displays: Display #20023

    thank you
  7. Chronical

    Not Allowed Displays: Display #20023

    prue420 which file is it?
  8. Chronical


    Exileseitige Events sind WIP warte einfach die nächsten Exileupdates ab oder implementier es per Hand
  9. Chronical

    [SOLVED] 3D Marker

    user action 2 musst du belegen
  10. Chronical

    [SOLVED] Bauteilbegrenzung Scherz oder wie?

  11. Chronical

    Invalid Database ID

    versuch mal beim Schema in der Datenbank (allow Null) bei allen Einträgen die keinen Standardwert haben zu aktivieren
  12. Chronical

    want to make a Server (need help)

    If you have questions feel free to pm me greets
  13. Chronical

    Mission Exile.Altis read from bank.

    Update: I forgot the -autoinit command in my serverstart.bat it works now
  14. Chronical

    Mission Exile.Altis read from bank.

    Only @Exile and @Exile_server is installed. Nothing else
  15. Chronical

    Mission Exile.Altis read from bank.

    Since Arma3 1.54 is released i keep getting "mission exile.altis read from bank" in my server log. I reinstalled my server and it's still the same error. I cant even join the lobby. I'm really hoping someone knows how to fix this