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  1. wernerz

    [Use red_neds missions]

    Prob not. Closed this server, here's what I had backed up. Answers to how-to install everything can be found on this forum, use the search button. This is not a support thread. I'll upload my gokart track if I can find it, here the ol: Roads/Bridge: http://pastebin.com/F3X6bdn8 (For driving) Castle: http://pastebin.com/QNtkA7V3 (Yo | Hoho ) DMS Static Castle mission : http://pastebin.com/QtLzspxr (20+ AI, custom crate shizzle, pewpew) Alternate with structures (Military, village), coincides well with the Roads/Bridges, not with the Castle: http://pastebin.com/1uZH1mX9 | Preview
  2. Try reducing the number of dynamic missions to 4-6 and disable static mission spawns. Your static mission list is empty according to the config. Also adjusting the time between mission spawns can help.
  3. wernerz

    Failure Missing ";" but it's still there

    The line number is sometimes not accurate and only gives you a general idea of where the error is. Looks like your missing a closing bracket after the Logging class. Can you pastebin your whole config.cpp with private info removed?
  4. wernerz

    DMS Static Loot

    DMS_theCrate = [ [ ["Exile_Weapon_AK47",1], ["Exile_Weapon_AKS_Gold",2] ], [ ["optic_Arco",2], ["optic_Hamr",2], ["optic_Aco",1], ["optic_Holosight",2], ["optic_MRCO",1], ["optic_SOS",2], ["optic_DMS",2], ["optic_LRPS",2], ["optic_Nightstalker",4], ["Exile_Item_GloriousKnakworst_Cooked",2], ["Exile_Item_EMRE",5], ["Exile_Item_BeefParts",2], ["Exile_Item_Noodles",1], ["Exile_Item_InstantCoffee",3], ["Exile_Item_EnergyDrink",4], ["Exile_Item_HBarrier5Kit",2], ["Exile_Item_InstaDoc",3], ["Exile_Item_Vishpirin",2], ["Exile_Item_Bandage",6] ], [ ["B_Bergen_rgr",1], ["B_Bergen_blk",2] ] ]; _crate = ["I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F",[crateCoordinates]] call DMS_fnc_SpawnCrate; [_crate, "theCrate"] call DMS_fnc_FillCrate;
  5. wernerz

    exad hacking how to install

    Open config.cpp, search for cfginteractionmenu, find: class Safe { targetType = 2; target = "Exile_Container_Safe"; class Actions { class ScanLock: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Scan Lock"; condition = "('Exile_Item_ThermalScannerPro' in (magazines player)) && !((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 1) && !ExilePlayerInSafezone"; action = "_this call ExileClient_object_lock_scan"; }; // Locks a vehicle class Lock : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Lock"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "true spawn ExileClient_object_lock_toggle"; }; class Unlock : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Unlock"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo -1)"; action = "false spawn ExileClient_object_lock_toggle"; }; class Pack : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Pack"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_container_pack"; }; class SetPinCode : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Set PIN"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_lock_setPin"; }; // Below here, x2 [Enter] ;) class HackSafe : ExileAbstractAction { title = "PC1337 Hax"; condition = "call ExAd_fnc_canHackSafe"; action = "_this spawn ExAd_fnc_startHack"; }; add code below the last bracket above: class HackSafe : ExileAbstractAction { title = "PC1337 Hax"; condition = "call ExAd_fnc_canHackSafe"; action = "_this spawn ExAd_fnc_startHack"; }; <Package name="Hacking"> <Container name="Notifications"> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_MAX_TERRITORY_HACKS_REACHED"> <Original>Connection failed! Territory Wi-Fi is down!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_TERRITORY_ONE_HACK"> <Original>Wi-Fi occupied!!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_MAX_SIM_HACKS"> <Original>The laptop overloaded and got destroyed! Another hacker is already using the grid.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_NO_PLAYER_PRESENT"> <Original>No Wi-Fi available!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_VG_SUCCESS"> <Original>Hack successful! The Virtual Garage unloaded a %1</Original> <!-- %1 indicates the vehicle class name that's going to be shown--> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_VG_NO_VEH"> <Original>Hack successful! No vehicles were stored in the Virtual Garage.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_SAFE_SUCCESS"> <Original>Hack successful! The safe is now unlocked.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_INTERUPTED"> <Original>Hack has been interupted</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_FAILED"> <Original>Hack failed! Circuits overloaded!</Original> </Key> </Container> <Container name="Hint"> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_HINT_TITLE"> <Original>Hack Activity</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_HINT_HACK_START"> <Original>A brute force hack is detected on the grid!</Original> </Key> </Container> </Package> https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/blob/master/mpmissions/Exile.Altis/ExAdClient/Hacking/customize.sqf https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/tree/master/%40ExileServer/addons
  6. wernerz

    need help with zombies and demons

    If you moved the key to the correct folder, rename the launch parameter @Zombies and Demons to no spaces or with underscores. Also your mod folder to the same.
  7. Nice work Janski, got it working without a problem. Even more apps converted over using your functions but still new at this. In the deploy vehicle, how would I go about requiring multiple items for deploy? I tried this: {{"Exile_Item_Pliers",1},{"Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull",1},{"Exile_Item_JunkMetal",1}};
  8. wernerz

    Custom trader cities not loading

    See if initserver.sqf is commented out in initplayerlocal. Load this stuff server side or it will just duplicate.
  9. wernerz

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Is there a way to start a specific static mission when another is completed? Through DMS not Arma tasks. Creating a mini campaign on my server.
  10. wernerz

    adding triggers for exilez.

    Extract exilez pbo and find init/TriggerPositions.sqf I assume you know how to find world space coordinates. If not, google getposatl or use Infistars copy worldspace coords. Inside one of the blocks add your coordiate, e.g. NoManLandNoB = [ [1330,3108,500], [X,Y,radius] //<<<<----------- No comma on last array ]; You can create your own separate blocks and add them to fn_init.sqf
  11. wernerz

    Exile Chernarus Help needed!

    http://www.exilemod.com/search/?q=installing+mods Get your foundation made with Exile and Altis/Tanoa before you start adding mods. Then go from there.
  12. What command did you use to change character depth? I'm having the same issue.
  13. wernerz

    [GUIDE] Network Messages

    Thanks Wolf. This is fragging AWESOME.
  14. wernerz

    Paying to have Sever set up

    If you know of a way to get building classname within game, grab one of them and search for the classname in your server files using a tool like Agent Ransack or something.