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    [Use red_neds missions]

    Prob not. Closed this server, here's what I had backed up. Answers to how-to install everything can be found on this forum, use the search button. This is not a support thread. I'll upload my gokart track if I can find it, here the ol: Roads/Bridge: http://pastebin.com/F3X6bdn8 (For driving) Castle: http://pastebin.com/QNtkA7V3 (Yo | Hoho ) DMS Static Castle mission : http://pastebin.com/QtLzspxr (20+ AI, custom crate shizzle, pewpew) Alternate with structures (Military, village), coincides well with the Roads/Bridges, not with the Castle: http://pastebin.com/1uZH1mX9 | Preview
  2. Try reducing the number of dynamic missions to 4-6 and disable static mission spawns. Your static mission list is empty according to the config. Also adjusting the time between mission spawns can help.
  3. wernerz

    Failure Missing ";" but it's still there

    The line number is sometimes not accurate and only gives you a general idea of where the error is. Looks like your missing a closing bracket after the Logging class. Can you pastebin your whole config.cpp with private info removed?
  4. wernerz

    DMS Static Loot

    DMS_theCrate = [ [ ["Exile_Weapon_AK47",1], ["Exile_Weapon_AKS_Gold",2] ], [ ["optic_Arco",2], ["optic_Hamr",2], ["optic_Aco",1], ["optic_Holosight",2], ["optic_MRCO",1], ["optic_SOS",2], ["optic_DMS",2], ["optic_LRPS",2], ["optic_Nightstalker",4], ["Exile_Item_GloriousKnakworst_Cooked",2], ["Exile_Item_EMRE",5], ["Exile_Item_BeefParts",2], ["Exile_Item_Noodles",1], ["Exile_Item_InstantCoffee",3], ["Exile_Item_EnergyDrink",4], ["Exile_Item_HBarrier5Kit",2], ["Exile_Item_InstaDoc",3], ["Exile_Item_Vishpirin",2], ["Exile_Item_Bandage",6] ], [ ["B_Bergen_rgr",1], ["B_Bergen_blk",2] ] ]; _crate = ["I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F",[crateCoordinates]] call DMS_fnc_SpawnCrate; [_crate, "theCrate"] call DMS_fnc_FillCrate;
  5. wernerz

    exad hacking how to install

    Open config.cpp, search for cfginteractionmenu, find: class Safe { targetType = 2; target = "Exile_Container_Safe"; class Actions { class ScanLock: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Scan Lock"; condition = "('Exile_Item_ThermalScannerPro' in (magazines player)) && !((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 1) && !ExilePlayerInSafezone"; action = "_this call ExileClient_object_lock_scan"; }; // Locks a vehicle class Lock : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Lock"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "true spawn ExileClient_object_lock_toggle"; }; class Unlock : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Unlock"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo -1)"; action = "false spawn ExileClient_object_lock_toggle"; }; class Pack : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Pack"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_container_pack"; }; class SetPinCode : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Set PIN"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_lock_setPin"; }; // Below here, x2 [Enter] ;) class HackSafe : ExileAbstractAction { title = "PC1337 Hax"; condition = "call ExAd_fnc_canHackSafe"; action = "_this spawn ExAd_fnc_startHack"; }; add code below the last bracket above: class HackSafe : ExileAbstractAction { title = "PC1337 Hax"; condition = "call ExAd_fnc_canHackSafe"; action = "_this spawn ExAd_fnc_startHack"; }; <Package name="Hacking"> <Container name="Notifications"> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_MAX_TERRITORY_HACKS_REACHED"> <Original>Connection failed! Territory Wi-Fi is down!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_TERRITORY_ONE_HACK"> <Original>Wi-Fi occupied!!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_MAX_SIM_HACKS"> <Original>The laptop overloaded and got destroyed! Another hacker is already using the grid.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_NO_PLAYER_PRESENT"> <Original>No Wi-Fi available!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_VG_SUCCESS"> <Original>Hack successful! The Virtual Garage unloaded a %1</Original> <!-- %1 indicates the vehicle class name that's going to be shown--> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_VG_NO_VEH"> <Original>Hack successful! No vehicles were stored in the Virtual Garage.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_SAFE_SUCCESS"> <Original>Hack successful! The safe is now unlocked.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_INTERUPTED"> <Original>Hack has been interupted</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_NOTI_FAILED"> <Original>Hack failed! Circuits overloaded!</Original> </Key> </Container> <Container name="Hint"> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_HINT_TITLE"> <Original>Hack Activity</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExAd_HACKING_HINT_HACK_START"> <Original>A brute force hack is detected on the grid!</Original> </Key> </Container> </Package> https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/blob/master/mpmissions/Exile.Altis/ExAdClient/Hacking/customize.sqf https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/tree/master/%40ExileServer/addons
  6. wernerz

    need help with zombies and demons

    If you moved the key to the correct folder, rename the launch parameter @Zombies and Demons to no spaces or with underscores. Also your mod folder to the same.
  7. Nice work Janski, got it working without a problem. Even more apps converted over using your functions but still new at this. In the deploy vehicle, how would I go about requiring multiple items for deploy? I tried this: {{"Exile_Item_Pliers",1},{"Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull",1},{"Exile_Item_JunkMetal",1}};
  8. wernerz

    Custom trader cities not loading

    See if initserver.sqf is commented out in initplayerlocal. Load this stuff server side or it will just duplicate.
  9. wernerz

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Is there a way to start a specific static mission when another is completed? Through DMS not Arma tasks. Creating a mini campaign on my server.
  10. wernerz

    adding triggers for exilez.

    Extract exilez pbo and find init/TriggerPositions.sqf I assume you know how to find world space coordinates. If not, google getposatl or use Infistars copy worldspace coords. Inside one of the blocks add your coordiate, e.g. NoManLandNoB = [ [1330,3108,500], [X,Y,radius] //<<<<----------- No comma on last array ]; You can create your own separate blocks and add them to fn_init.sqf
  11. wernerz

    Exile Chernarus Help needed!

    http://www.exilemod.com/search/?q=installing+mods Get your foundation made with Exile and Altis/Tanoa before you start adding mods. Then go from there.
  12. What command did you use to change character depth? I'm having the same issue.
  13. wernerz

    [GUIDE] Network Messages

    Thanks Wolf. This is fragging AWESOME.
  14. wernerz

    Paying to have Sever set up

    If you know of a way to get building classname within game, grab one of them and search for the classname in your server files using a tool like Agent Ransack or something.
  15. wernerz

    Getting a Vehicle OwnerUID(Client Side)

    It first needs to be in database as I believe only pin codes are stored at the moment. Might want to look into manually adding the tables or try using Sanchez Good luck with your script. I was attempting a similar project but had a hard time adding existing vehicles to owners.
  16. wernerz

    Paying to have Sever set up

    If the buildings were added previously and they're not client side or in server side addons folder. Try looking in exile_server or exile_server_config pbo's. I've had to add them that way when using xcam sometimes. What AI/Mission system are you using?
  17. wernerz

    Looking for a Scripter for paying work...

    What map? You might be able to use mine. Don't want to try and make it yourself?
  18. Look in a3_dms\scripts\fn_PlayerAwardOnAIKill.sqf ind the variable _msgparams (Line 96) which is for poptabs _msgParams = [str _playerMoney, format ["killed %1",_AIType]]; change to _msgParams = [str _playerMoney, format ["My message here"]]; For respect message, find line 129 _attributes = [[format ["KILLED %1",toUpper(_AIType)],_repChange]]; change to _attributes = [[format ["My message here"],_repChange]];
  19. wernerz

    Add Axe to Traders

    Probably need to add the swing in as well "Exile_Magazine_Swing"
  20. Can the SC_statics be utilized for gunners and vehicles yet? e.g. [[pos],ai count,radius,search buildings] At the moment I have a static mission spawning without a marker, but would like to use your static location array.
  21. wernerz

    Need help testing server

    Are your bikeys loaded for those mods? It is probably players connecting with different versions.
  22. wernerz

    Restrict Spawn Selection Based On Corpse Location

    I'm new to scripting but might try this: if (getMarkerType _x == "ExileSpawnZone") && (ExileClientLastDeathMarker distance < 5000) then { _listItemIndex = _listBox lbAdd (markerText _x); _listBox lbSetData [_listItemIndex, _x]; };
  23. attachTo fun. Scared, in need of night light. Found one. Attempted landing with Osprey. Ended up pitching down too far and wrecking. Infected close up.