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  1. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Namalsk zombies. 1.0.0.

    yes using both.
  2. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    turn off icons

    how do i turn off weapon crosshairs and map markers for mines ive tried changing the difficulty to veteran but it switches it to 1st person which is not what i want how do i change these manually. sorry if its in the wrong forum board.
  3. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Namalsk zombies. 1.0.0.

    i get this same problem, die you change them to WEST then back to EAST to fix it in the end?
  4. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    namalsk zed trader zones

    think youve miss understood me, i need to change this config in the exileZ config which looks like this - //Default Altis SafeZones SafeZonePositions = [// [[Coordinates],Radius] // You can Get the safezone information directly from your mission.sqm under class Markers [[14599,16797],175], [[23334,24188],175], [[2998,18175],175] where the cords are ^^ i need to change with the namalsk traders which i have [4992.78,0,8005.07] , {9120.65,0,10076.6} and here [4357.36,0,4724.03] I'm unsure what i need to delete out of the namalsk coords to make them fit into the the safezone positions.
  5. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    namalsk zed trader zones

    im currently using ryans zombies on my namalsk server to set my trader zones so the zeds dont walk in what do i have to delete in the cords to get them set i know i have to put a radius but ive no idea where , this is my cord - [4357.36,0,4724.03] what do i need and what do i knot?
  6. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    CUP Chernarus not working

    currently got a mission file of exile.chernaurus in the mpmission folder, server wont load when i try to join gets stuck on loading map, Ive changed the mission.sqm to ones ive found on this forum and still not working, it could be a old exile.chernarus PBO but ive no idea how to even make my own my chernarus pbo my server parameters include cup terrains and core. In my mission.sqm it also includes the following - "exile_client","cup_buildings_config","cup_editor_structures_config","cup_zakladna_dbe1","cup_camisc","cup_ca_config","cup_a1_editorobjects","cup_misc3_config","cup_castructures_e_misc_misc_interier","cup_misc_e_config","A3_Soft_F_Car","A3_Soft_F_Quadbike","a3_soft_f_beta_quadbike","A3_Boat_F_Civilian_Boat","A3_Boat_F_Boat_Transport_01","A3_Air_F_Heli_Light_01","A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_04","A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_03","a3_characters_f_gamma","A3_Characters_F_OPFOR","A3_Characters_F_INDEP","A3_Characters_F_Civil","a3_characters_f","A3_Data_F_Curator_Virtual","uh1h","Ryanzombiesanims","Ryanzombiesfaces","ryanzombies","sar_ru_architecture","cup_camisc_acr_scaffoldingsmall","cup_castructures_e_misc_misc_garbage","cup_camisc_acr_shooting_range","cup_castructures_e_misc_misc_market","cup_a2_editorobjects","cup_cabuildings2_misc_cargo","cup_cabuildings_misc","brdm2","btr40" but without the ryanzombies, still had no luck any ideas?
  7. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Session Lost

    people get this when joining my server, anyone else get this?
  8. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Grumpy Old Men

    Grumpy Old Men Community Hello and welcome to grumpy old men, we host a few servers over many games from arma 2/3 and other selected games, we are a small community that loves to play games, chill out ohh and have a good moan. If your looking for a mature group then look no further we have members from age 20-60 from Europe to America and all round the world. If you would like to come say hello then why not join our team speak (info will be bellow). We don't take gaming too seriously we like to have a laugh and enjoy our self's. Here's some information for our servers. ARMA 3 EXILE SERVER TANOA - ARMA 2 OVERPOCH SERVER NAPF - TEAM SPEAK 3 - If there is anything else you would like to know about us or our servers please feel free to ask us, we dont bite.
  9. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Grumpy Old Men Hardcore Exile

    Grumpy Old Men Tanoa Exile Server Welcome to our server, we welcome anyone to our hardcore server. Do you want hard core with only 1st person?, want to work hard at trying to find food and weapons? then you've come to the right place here at GOM we pride our self's in Hardcore. With 1st person, roaming AI and missions they will be sure to test your skills. our server currently has these selected mods. DMS Missions Ambient Fly overs Day/Night (2 hours of each) 4 Hour Restarts (12-4-8 GMT) 900.000 Lockers Changed Trader Prices Hardcore server Harder Missions Scarce Loot Realistic Roaming AI To keep the server fair for everyone we ask for you to comply by are rules which are as follows. Do NOT build 1000m of a trader or cement mixer. Do NOT spawn camp or trader camp. Do NOT be racist or abusive in side chat Leaving vehicles in a safe zone will unlock them on restart, be sure to move them. Do NOT ask admins to replace stolen gear, base raiding and PVP is allowed. Do NOT build on the radiation island or close to it. Our Teamspeak is - Admins are - Ben Watki Recruiting Admins also go to our forums. http://grumpyoldmenuk.freeforums.net/
  10. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    GOM Hardcore Namalsk

    Welcome to the Grumpy Old Men Community Hardcore Server Looking for a server thats hardcore with AI and missions? then look no further we have it all. our server currently runs the following. AI Missions Roaming AI (currently being worked on) Cold Weather Low Loot Bad weather Radiation PVP More to be added Blastcore Visuals JSRS will be added very soon. Rules No camping the safe zones or leaving vehicles in them they will unlock on restart. No building with in 1000m of a trader. No glitching or hacking you will be banned without notice. Do not building in military areas or on the airfield keep loot areas for players to loot. Do not ask admins to TP to dead bodies admins will ignore you. No foul language in side chat you will be removed from the game. No destroying people's vehicles in a base for the fun of it take what you need and get out.
  11. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Looking for english EU elder gaming crew...

    few of us are online now bud on teamspeak at GOM
  12. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Gamingdelux sever

    in the mp missions folder is esseker their? also have you gone to mod manager and installed esseker
  13. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Gamingdelux sever

    try removeing the = from the parameter just have it @exile;@allinarmaterrainpack in the mod and @exileserver;@extDB2
  14. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Gamingdelux sever

    firstly go to commandline mangament and create a custom command line after tick the servermod and mods box then enter this -serverMod=@ExileServer;@extDB2" "-mod=@Exile@allinarmaterrainpack and it should work.
  15. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Gamingdelux sever

    so youve installed esseker right?