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  1. Beowulfv

    DMS Occupation Roaming AI vehicle R3F towing

    You mean this pbo?
  2. EBM shouldn't affect traders. Remove it and see if it continues. If it doesn't then you know it's something else.
  3. Beowulfv

    Loot Issues

    Ok then try: class Land_Hangar_F { table = "Military"; positions[] = {{-10.5459, -17.082, -5.38272}, {-10.4688, -6.49512, -5.38272}, {-10.4419, 9.31738, -5.38272}, {-3.00244, 18.6035, -5.38272}, {6.32471, 18.5898, -5.38272}, {11.9683, 6.32031, -5.38272}, {10.6196, -7.4248, -5.38272}, {11.2734, -17.6055, -5.38272} }; };
  4. Beowulfv


    You weren't fully loaded into the server. What you are describing is mostly caused by a database error, usually user error setting up the database.
  5. Beowulfv

    Loot Issues

    Are you using two different formats with your positions? I know that these work: class Land_Hangar_F : Military { positions[] = { {-10.5459, -17.082, -5.38272}, {-10.4688, -6.49512, -5.38272}, {-10.4419, 9.31738, -5.38272}, {-3.00244, 18.6035, -5.38272}, {6.32471, 18.5898, -5.38272}, {11.9683, 6.32031, -5.38272}, {10.6196, -7.4248, -5.38272}, {11.2734, -17.6055, -5.38272} }; };
  6. Beowulfv

    A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive (HELP)

    Add the following into your discription.ext file: class CfgFunctions { #include "AIS\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; #include "AIS\Effects\BarDlg.hpp" if you already have class CfgFunctions in your description file then only add in #include "ASI\cfgFunctions.hpp" drop in the ASI folder into your mission folder. Repack the folder into a PBO and launch. Pretty basic.
  7. Beowulfv

    Run Database Query

    Download and run a SQL client that allows you to connect to the database and then execute queries in the query box.
  8. Beowulfv

    TerritoryProtection+UpgradeTerritory on the Flag

    Server RPT And place it in pastebin not in the forum section. Share the pastebin link.
  9. Beowulfv

    Spawn With parachute

    Pretty sure all you have to do is enable parachute spawning and disable halo jump in your server side config.
  10. Beowulfv

    Problems with doors(cant open it)

    Yeah this is all simulation error. By the looks of it you are adding in your own buildings and not enabling the open and close animations.
  11. Beowulfv

    Loot table not working.

    Does your starting class read: class CfgExileLootServer
  12. Beowulfv

    Trader help!!

    It's telling you that you have two of the same type for that item. Meaning it has two set prices. Look for the duplicate and remove it.
  13. Beowulfv

    Trader code 12 CUP mods

    check your config. Post server RPT.
  14. Beowulfv

    please help custom client.pbo sign does not pass

    If you are trying to change carry amounts you will need to add in an additional mod. This is not Altis Life. It is not written into the source code.
  15. Beowulfv

    please help custom client.pbo sign does not pass

    I'm pretty sure you can't make any changes to that file, but you might be able to create something server side (Server addon) or client side (mission pbo) that will overlap it. But I haven't tried to do anything like that yet.