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  1. Beowulfv

    [RELEASE] Missile warning for all vehicles

    Looking at the mod we can see that it uses a config.hpp file for users to customize when the warning is initiated. So we can either go to line 4 and edit it as such: #define ALLOWED ["Car","Air","Tank","Ship"] //vehicles to be included if enable all is set to false Or we can look at line 1 and set it to true and it'll to the same thing: #define ENABLE_ALL true //enable it for all vehicles, ignore all the other options except blacklist
  2. Beowulfv

    Problems with newly made server

    What do your logs say?
  3. Beowulfv

    Removal of RHS equipment and vehicles from database

    Removing Vehicles is one thing, but coming up with a query to run that will remove the wild card for RHS and the value of the ammo or item counter is another thing. You may end up just biting the bullet and and nuking all players and containers that contain a RHS item in the end. in which case you would run something like this: DELETE FROM player WHERE primary_weapon LIKE 'RHS%' OR assigned_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR backpack LIKE 'RHS%' OR backpack_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR backpack_magazines LIKE 'RHS%' OR backpack_weapons LIKE 'RHS%' OR current_weapon LIKE 'RHS%' OR goggles LIKE 'RHS%' OR handgun_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR handgun_weapon LIKE 'RHS%' OR headgear LIKE 'RHS%' OR binocular LIKE 'RHS%' OR loaded_magazines LIKE 'RHS%' OR primary_weapon LIKE 'RHS%' OR primary_weapon_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR secondary_weapon LIKE 'RHS%' OR secondary_weapon_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR uniform LIKE 'RHS%' OR uniform_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR uniform_magazines LIKE 'RHS%' OR uniform_weapons LIKE 'RHS%' OR vest LIKE 'RHS%' OR vest_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR vest_magazines LIKE 'RHS%' OR vest_weapons LIKE 'RHS%' DELETE FROM container WHERE cargo_items LIKE 'RHS%' OR cargo_magazines LIKE 'RHS%' OR cargo_weapons LIKE 'RHS%' DELETE FROM vehicle WHERE class LIKE 'RHS%' You could easily run the Vehicle one and be fine, but then you would still need to worry about what's inside the remaining vehicles. And if you were to use Navicat or HeidiSQL to find and replace individual class names of the items, you would still be left with the quantity and end up with a broken database. An example of what I'm talking about is in the database we can search for the class name 150Rnd_93x64_Mag and replace it with a blank entry, but we would still be left with [["",150]] the amount of ammunition. If it were me, I would nuke the database of all traces and comp for the change.
  4. Beowulfv

    little help pls

    The key bind is the same as your open and closing for other doors or your interaction with other objects. There is a scroll wheel function that gives the option, then the player is just selecting the option to close.
  5. Beowulfv

    little help pls

    If you're trying to keep them open at traders you can edit this in the Editor when placing them. Remove animation and then set the doors to open and export the objects.
  6. Beowulfv

    Custom Sounds

    Yes, the assigned keys for Exile mod are hard coded and can only be changed if you recode them.
  7. Beowulfv

    Custom Sounds

    You want to execute custom sounds via a script?
  8. Beowulfv

    Unknown Errors

    I see errors associated to Ryans Zombies, a3_exile_occupation, and custom_server, but I don't see anything pointing to a database issue.
  9. Beowulfv

    ExtDB2 Errors on Server Boot

    So in simple terms it's like calling an operator and them asking how they can direct your call.
  10. Beowulfv

    ExtDB2 Errors on Server Boot

    Whatever the missing parameter is. It is a place holder for the function that is calling the database execution SQF. So you would replace _this with the variable that is being called to relation to the database.
  11. Beowulfv

    ExtDB2 Errors on Server Boot

    I can tell you that the errors in the RPT are associated to missing variables in your exile.ini or the server is unable to connect to the database or missing columns in your database.
  12. Beowulfv

    ExtDB2 Errors on Server Boot

    Go into your @ExileServer folder extDB >> logs >> 2019 >> 1 >> latest folder and look for the most recent log. Ignore the Exile_Death, Territory, and Trading logs.
  13. Beowulfv

    Can't get loot to spawn on chernarus

    9 times out of 10 when loot doesn't spawn at all, it's because you're missing loot positions for the buildings. When running Chernarus you can find loot positions for this map, but once you start running mods like DS houses, those loot positions no longer apply. I can see you aren't running any other mods, but it can still happen. Go ahead and create a backup of your original work, and replace your loot positions with the following: There is a tool you can use called Dealman's 3DEN Tools to create and export your own loot positions in the future to test and see if that's the issue, or if it's an actual coding issue. I don't see anything in your RPT that makes me think otherwise at the moment. A tutorial video on how to use the tool suggested can be found here:
  14. Beowulfv

    Build Height Limit Plus

    if ((getPosATL ExileClientConstructionObject) select 2 > _MaxBuildHeight) then if ((getPosATL ExileClientConstructionObject) select 2 > _SeaLevel) then The first statement is a check for distance from an array of objects to the player: if (_AllowedShips distance (getPosASL player) > 150) then It reads, if (array of objects distance to player) is greater than 150 then execute first build height limit restriction else use secondary build height restriction. The original post states that I was having issues with the script reading the array and checking the distance between the two. The process would get hung up and the 3D model for building would freeze in midair. I would later realize that the ships, although show up in the mission.sqm with a classname, do not register as such when in the playable world. They instead return the same as trees do. I then tested a check for nearestObject but it still did not function as needed. So scrapping distance all together I created a check for player elevation from ground to water to use as my script to declare which build height to use. _MaxBuildHeight and _SeaLevel are shown as place holders for heights that are in a config file so that if I choose to share, users will simply need to edit one file instead of sifting thru hundreds of lines of code. You tend to see this practice a lot when working with code.
  15. Beowulfv

    Build Height Limit Plus

    None of this helps as I am only searching for the object in a 150 meter radius and then in the next statement I declare how high a player can build according to the level of water below them which was set to 50 meters since I was taking in account of the ships elevation from the water with is 24 meters. But it's fine, I found another way of doing this since the USS freedom doesn't return a Object classname but fragments of p3d like trees do. Either way, you can easily setup a large range to test for and still restrict players to smaller height limits in the last step.