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  1. Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Malden\TRADERS\RHSW\TraderCategoriesRHSW.hpp, line 965: /CfgTraderCategories.RHSStaticMG: Member already defined.
  2. If it is IDD related and infiSTAR is closing it then it should be in either the Surveillance log or Hack log. Only other place to look is server RPT
  3. It'll tell you the IDD in the Surveillance log.
  4. This is only the loop portion of your RPT. This will not tell us what is causing the server to loop.
  5. I am assuming you are accessing the files via a FTP connection since you don't have full control of the box. In your root directory you will find a folder called "keys". Every mod you run on your server will also have a "keys" folder inside it. You need to make a copy of the key in the mod folder (i.e. CUP_Terrains_Core) and place the copy into the root directory "keys" folder.
  6. adding items to traders is done in the config
  7. So am I, because I have no idea what you're trying to do.
  8. Are you running the corresponding mods for these building types? These look like CUP Terrains Core, CUP Terrains Maps addons
  9. Are you calling it in your mission.sqm?
  10. Just have them delete your player from the player table and check for duplicates of your UID in that table.
  11. CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains Maps Or if you are not good with installing and launching with mods use A3Launcher. Just click on a server and play. https://a3launcher.com/
  12. Your server is looping which is causing the error because you are loading the database twice. You're problem is something else. If you look at the length it takes you to load your armalog, I would say your problem is there.
  13. What modified files are you using? ExAd?