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  1. Beowulfv

    Is this normal when running exile

    No one can say they have seen it before or not because you need to test it on the same map with and without the mod. I can say it has nothing to do with Exile since Exile does nothing to the map. Load the map only in the editor and return to the same spot and see if it's there. You can also ask if anyone else is seeing what you're seeing while in the server. If they don't see it then you know it's on your end and it's dealing with your rendering of texture for that grid square of the map.
  2. Beowulfv

    Exile Respawn zone cooldown time

    can yo post your RPT @Powerstriker46
  3. Beowulfv

    How To Stop Spawned Vehicles From Being Sold

    In ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_show.sqf we see that we are pulling all local vehicles that are "LandVehicle", "Air", "Ship" and must be 150 meters from the trader NPC. Below that we have: _localVehicles = []; { if (local _x) then { if (alive _x) then { _localVehicles pushBack _x; }; }; } This is where I would start manipulating what is pulled to be listed as sell-able. This is all UN-TESTED but you can start by trying something like: _localVehicles = []; { if (local _x) then { if (alive _x) then { if (ExileIsPersistent) then { _localVehicles pushBack _x; }; }; }; } See if after you add this overwrite that you no longer see Non-Persistent vehicles in the sell list.
  4. Beowulfv

    How To Stop Spawned Vehicles From Being Sold

    I would start by looking at the waste dump code and seeing how it's written then writing in an exclusion. If you're asking me to do the work for you then it would take some time as I do not have the time right this second, and it's not on the top of my "ToDo" list.
  5. Beowulfv

    Save and load player stance

    Does Bohemia connect stances with number values or classes? Just curious, I know of the animation classes, but are they the same as crouch prone stand and the rest?
  6. Beowulfv

    Exile iniDB

    Can confirm you are looking at hours of rewrites but there will always need to be a Database. Doesn't matter if that database is SQL or Text based. There will always be a database of information when dealing with saving user data.
  7. Beowulfv

    How To Stop Spawned Vehicles From Being Sold

    Go into the sell code and add in a statement that disallows non-persistent vehicles from being sold. Problem solved.
  8. Beowulfv

    Pecher Mission Map Help

    First off, you're asking for someone to build your server. Everyone skilled in this isn't going to do this for you. As for switching maps, that is all controlled by your mission.spm file. In there you will find a map seed that will dictate what to load. Also end your folder/pbo in the assigned map name so you can keep track. I might just bite the bullet and do an entire YouTube series on Arma servers. I don't know yet. I got a lot on my plate at the moment, but these posts are getting old.
  9. Beowulfv

    infistar not initiating

    You have a CfgRemoteExec class in your description and then a CfgRemoteExec.hpp in that class? I see a problem.
  10. Beowulfv

    Chenarus Redux Building loot file problems

    Fastest way to get a list of the new building id's if they have changed is to join their discord and ask in their support channel.
  11. Beowulfv

    Exile Respawn zone cooldown time

    @Powerstriker46 The original calls on all marker types and removes them once selected. This is an edited copy that will only remove the marker if it is a Exile flag type. Same script just edited. Also the time on this one is set to 900 seconds, so make sure you change it to whatever you want.
  12. Beowulfv

    Base Respawn

    Is there anything in your RPT?
  13. Beowulfv

    Exile Respawn zone cooldown time

    I'm gonna bet that you're running Super Jeromes base spawn script.
  14. Beowulfv

    [Solved]Exad spawn distance HELP

    Under createVehicle[_vehicle, [0,0,0] the corresponding 0s should be X,Y,Z settings.
  15. Beowulfv

    Server is stuck in a loop

    Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Malden\TRADERS\RHSW\TraderCategoriesRHSW.hpp, line 965: /CfgTraderCategories.RHSStaticMG: Member already defined.