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  1. William =D

    Battleye Filter Tool

    Donated 10USD, Honestly love the simplicity of this, really wish it wouldn't have an end date, but I know far to well people want free at the cost of someone else. Thank you for making this free, Cheers Jamie
  2. William =D

    Bigfoot's Shipwrecks

  3. William =D

    Bigfoot's Shipwrecks

    Did you modify your map center? ive set my distance to 2000 and its still spawning off the map for Tanoa Also, to complete this mission, do you mount the box crate into another boat?
  4. William =D

    Pomelo version

    This is my Forum, I was using the link for my community, sadly the link was joint to the Exile downloads page to aid my younger community in locating it easier. The version its linked to is not what you are searching for, Its 0.9.61 Im sure if you contact the server owner, they might be able to help you?
  5. William =D

    1.60 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    I too am stuck at this, having a feeling its got to do with something from the last patch fix. steam out of the ears for dayz.
  6. William =D

    I want UID base spawn. Please help me.

    Search and you shall find! http://www.exilemod.com/topic/8008-uid-based-loadouts/
  7. That's the "safety" feature, can't patrol the streets with loaded weapons now, some one could get hurt!
  8. William =D

    How can i use MCC 4 with exile (dedicated server)

    I believe unless the Dev of MCC 4 has released the Mod Key, running mcc4 on a server will not happen unfortunately. From memory in my early days i loved the mechanics behind the mission generation aspect and found that no Key means no Server, in saying that, this was mid last year so things could of changed now.
  9. William =D

    What will happen to the casual player?

    Rent due time is decided by the owner of the server, I for one have mine set monthly. so technically it comes down to the player finding that server that suits them, like most things ARMA. Could do a tent setup in a bush, there are many ideas or ways to survive a change.
  10. William =D

    Exile Cars and Trucks

    +1 if only there was that super hero to save us all!
  11. William =D


    Money stored on person Money Stored in Safes Money stored in secret tents hidden in bushes (just do it) Money Held with the Mafia from the Tax you pay for rent (% of payments.) Option to withdraw as a loan if you dont have enough to a set value which is added onto a rental or monthly deduction. Just an idea. Also bear in mind people are too rich, theres nothing to spend it on really if you have AI involved. *gamble wise
  12. William =D


    Agreed, I feel it needs to stick to one thing, I see it as if your wanting to buy an Audi... you head over to an Audi dealership.... then the people who prefer Mercedes scream, so Audi starts selling Mercs.... The Audi fan boys cry, then you go back. I dont see a player base staying if its constantly changing the whole core. What if you set areas as the major PVP and the rest as the survival? so you as a server owner have the option to cater for both or just one? Have the PVP zones only spawn-able like a Hunger-games wall (insert tally board in the sky fan boys here).... which people can look into and hear, but thats it... with the survivor nuts working on the outside? I dont want to loose what EXILE felt originally to me, which is a Crim thrown into an island to make do and survive.