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  1. Artharon

    Battleye Filter Tool

    Please update the link in your main post, my AntiVirus told me it's a "malicious redirection"....
  2. Artharon

    NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel

    It was BE for me. Try to disable it in your config and start your server and see if the problem continues.
  3. Artharon

    Satchel explosives detonate in safe zones

    There is no viable solution regarding key/mousebutton eventhandler since the code for mousebuttons are handled very differently than keys. Just go with my first solution and the bad guys firstly have to figure out how to go around the script and secondly 1 guy dies at least from them.
  4. Artharon

    {SOLVED} Drone Range

    Could you provide a more detailed solution please?! @Lenzh | 11thAMB
  5. Lad DMS nochmal neu runter, scheint ja irgendwie nicht vollständig zu sein.
  6. Artharon

    Satchel explosives detonate in safe zones

    Gonna try one last thing since „Put“ Eventhandler isn‘t working in Exile (or I am retarded) , that would be an eventhandler which always checks for mines 2 meters around a player if he presses „Spacebar“ and is in a SafeZone. Not really satisfying but this could be at least without exploits if it works correctly. Animationeventhandlers were always too late or too early with deleting.=/ Will post my results here.
  7. Artharon

    Satchel explosives detonate in safe zones

    You could also add this to ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf but I don't think this is a good idea.... _minetypes= ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo","ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Ammo","DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo","ATMine_Range_Ammo","APERSMine_Range_Ammo","APERSBoundingMine_Range_Ammo","SLAMDirectionalMine_Wire_Ammo","APERSTripMine_Wire_Ammo","APERSMineDispenser_Ammo"]; { _mine = _x; { if(typeOf _mine == _x)then { deleteVehicle _mine; }; }forEach _minetypes; }forEach (player nearObjects 2); Edit: Tryed it, doesn't even work fast enough to not be able to touch off the bomb....
  8. Artharon

    Satchel explosives detonate in safe zones

    Me too. I have added this into ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf wdy_no_mines = player addEventHandler ["InventoryClosed", { _mines = ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag","ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Mag","DemoCharge_Remote_Mag","ATMine_Range_Mag","APERSMine_Range_Mag","APERSBoundingMine_Range_Mag","SLAMDirectionalMine_Wire_Mag","APERSTripMine_Wire_Mag","APERSMineDispenser_Mag"]; _minetypes = ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo","ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Ammo","DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo","ATMine_Range_Ammo","APERSMine_Range_Ammo","APERSBoundingMine_Range_Ammo","SLAMDirectionalMine_Wire_Ammo","APERSTripMine_Wire_Ammo","APERSMineDispenser_Ammo"]; _holder = nearestObject [position player, "GroundWeaponHolder"]; { _mine = _x; { if(typeOf _mine == _x)then { deleteVehicle _mine; }; }forEach _minetypes; }forEach (player nearObjects 2); _cargomag = getMagazineCargo _holder; _keyMag = _cargomag select 0; _keyMag2 = _cargomag select 1; _minecheck = false; { if(_x in _keyMag)then { _index = _keyMag find _x; _keyMag deleteAt _index; _keyMag2 deleteAt _index; _minecheck = true; }; }forEach _mines; if(_minecheck)then { _cargoWeap = getWeaponCargo _holder; _cargoitem = getItemCargo _holder; _cargopos = getPos _holder; _cargoposATL = getPosATL _holder; deleteVehicle _holder; _keyWeap = _cargoWeap select 0; _keyWeap2 = _cargoWeap select 1; _keyItem = _cargoItem select 0; _keyItem2 = _cargoItem select 1; _weaponHolder = createVehicle ["GroundWeaponHolder", _cargopos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _weaponHolder setPosATL _cargoposATL; { _indexkeyMag = _keyMag find _x; _keyMagnum = _keyMag2 select _indexkeyMag; _weaponHolder addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,_keyMagnum]; }forEach _keyMag; { _indexkeyWeap = _keyWeap find _x; _keyWeapnum = _keyWeap2 select _indexkeyWeap; _weaponHolder addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,_keyWeapnum]; }forEach _keyWeap; { _indexkeyItem = _keyItem find _x; _keyItemnum = _keyItem2 select _indexkeyItem; _weaponHolder addItemCargoGlobal [_x,_keyItemnum]; }forEach _keyItem; ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Explosive Deleted", "You cannot place an explosive this close to a trader!"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }];; and player removeEventHandler ["InventoryClosed",wdy_no_mines]; into ExileClient_object_player_event_onLeaveSafezone.sqf. But there is still an exploit possible. I am not sure if my code makes sense or if there are better eventHandlers, commands, or ways to solve this problem. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Artharon

    Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 01385138

    Same here. Maybe the Arma Hotfix fixed it.
  10. Artharon


    Richtig, du brauchst aber noch eine weitere. Komm einfach mal auf unser TS, sonst dauert diese Konversation noch 2 Wochen.:D
  11. Artharon


    Ansonsten komm einfach mal auf unser TS und frag nach Woody. oder
  12. Artharon


    @Whitey Hast du schon die Dateien gefunden, die relevant für das Vorhaben sind?
  13. Artharon


    Das ist ganz simpel, ich bin mir sicher, dass du das hinbekommst!:D Ansonsten meld dich nochmal, falls du einen Tipp brauchst. @Whitey
  14. Artharon

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    Then you are using the same db for both server. Just rename your existing one, run the exile.sql again and change your db settings in the extdb-settings.ini to the renamed db and the other server should still be able to connect to the new db. Make a backup of your db first obviously.