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  1. Do you have An IP for that server? THank you
  2. Man just host server like that !! DO you have IP i am really looking for WASTELAND/EXILE server with semi military weapons with respect system too GREAT IDEA
  3. Guys is it really working at FPS corowded server? We are playing in CCG server and they are banning for it... They told us this perf. builds are hardly crashing and lagging server is it real TRUE ? Many thanks For REPLY
  4. I thik is great idea... but stil you can alt+F4 or shutdown game in combat and nothing happened (kicked by admin cos server was full when i was shooting FULL AUTO ) and nothing happened me so yes... Definatly this game need like BOX ON THE GROUND or LET AI just stay as you for 5-10minute after you LOGG OF
  5. Great !
  6. I think raiding is good as it.. its not main part of the game !
  7. I think this is good suggestion my personal suggestion is WHEN YOU LOG OFF YOU CHARACTER WILL STAY IN GAME FOR next 1-5minutes
  8. Hello i know it will work... I I tested it at old Arma Dayz Origins they got nice feature. Put PLANKS of WOOD/METAL on rears,back and tops of the car. So you will gather materials for "TUNNING" your own vehicle. Since my english skills are bad there is a video i know many of us remebering it it was awesome: http://www.dayztv.com/video/dayz-origins-18-update-preview/ To be not overpowered there should be health on those items like Wood will needs about 5 shots to break since you can get wood everywhere. Thank You !
  9. Ahojte ak by mal niekto zaujem sa pridať tak si ma pridajte na steame: Community ID: 76561198089918599 Berte na vedomie ze mam 24 takze chodim do prace atd