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  1. kimse

    Exile 3DEN Plugin

    Pizza sent with some beer's
  2. kimse

    0.9.8 Memory Bug

    can the memory bug be because of a data base error? cause im keep getting this?? "ExileServer - Database Error: Error Unknown Protocol" Error in expression < to _numberOfClans - 1 do { ((_clanIDs select _i) select 0) call ExileServer_sy> Error position: <select _i) select 0) call ExileServer_sy> Error Generic error in expression File exile_server\code\ExileServer_world_loadAllClans.sqf, line 25 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp NetworkServer::OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing!
  3. kimse

    New in-game notifications

    can this be like a shout out for people there cant/wont download the app and know the flag has been kidnapped by running a script or something where upon loggeing in and get a notification that its gone or would this overload/sort of overload the server on logging in?
  4. kimse

    [CLOSED] Arma Crashes with RC

    for me it didnt worked fine
  5. kimse

    Battleye restriction #0

    the vid and titel says it all
  6. kimse

    [CLOSED] Arma Crashes with RC

    im getting thes to EDIT: by useing A3L i got in some how
  7. kimse

    Mobile XM8 App

    sooooo if this app is gona be a big succes. The work on a IOS app would be started ? since the money from the app would go into the development of a IOS app and its cost? and how much dos it cost to make a android app?
  8. kimse

    Should Exile have an AI Antagonist?

    maybe a side event where a meth lab or police raid is on going or simliar ( just adding from there lore history) would be awesome
  9. kimse

    Tanoa Discussion

    11 July the offcial release date for Tanoa and everthing for few min ago they just released a pre-view on there weapons, vehicles and more
  10. kimse

    Mods on server's?

    Tanoa release date is the 11 JULY! one month away!
  11. kimse

    Mobile XM8 App

    thought you where but smart phone is the allmost every one has where i live (denmark) even my half blind dad has one
  12. kimse

    Mobile XM8 App

    ah okay at first i was a bit dissapointed but then eichi said about that it was more understand able well sucks to have a IOS gadget currently thanks for clearing it more anyway
  13. kimse

    Mobile XM8 App

    so this app is not able on IOS software?
  14. kimse

    Mobile XM8 App

    how come this is unsatifying this simple is a fix for offline no one is forced to have the app. If i read curretly its something the pr server owner can add This is probaly the best fix for offline raiding sure there is still the Thermal scanner pro done a few (5) raid with it and it has been so much fun scan one door and empty out 10+ safe's and vehicles yet this is prob one of the best fix for offline! that thing where you cant be raided when owner's is offline is just getting exploit so many times