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  1. The stairs you can build are too short to reach the beginning and end of another floor. There is about a 20cm spacing at the top and the bottom. You can easily get stuck in this which lead to glitching out, being hurt, bleeding and dying.
  2. Hello everyone! I stream on a daily basis. normally it is EXILE or ARMA 3 MILSIM OP's (sundays) or training (wednesdays). http://www.twitch.tv/mrpointtv I announce all streams on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrPointTv. Feel free to check me out and give support if you think I deserve it!
  3. I wanted to suggest the addition of building walkways. Them being like 1/2 the size of floor panels so that they could be used to place on like the inside of a perimeter wall so that it doesn’t look ridiculous. Second suggestions are corner floors. You can turn normal walls 45° and this would be awesome to use and make the building less square BUT there aren’t any floor panels that support this… If you want to use the 45° you will either have half a floor piece sticking out or a hole. Therefore I wanted to suggest the addition of corner floor panels, being floor panels that are triangles so that they can be used to make corners. Please upvote this if you feel the same