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  1. Requzz

    First person view server

    At the moment i play on an hardcore server but with 3. person and its populated, they wanna release a real nice cherno winter first person server this weekend with enterable namlsk buildings and dayz vehicle repair system with 60 vehicles which u only can find ... I think im not allowed to advertise ... i only say ZH cough* cough* i really hope their fp server will get populated fast after release or it will stay empty for ever like every fp server ^^
  2. Requzz


    101 Ways to glitch in your clan base, bljat.
  3. GG me and my old group will play EXILE again ! but definitely not altis ... too big, maps like cherno and esseker or tanoa are too good for that kinda hardcore fights... open fields combined with treelines forests and nice little towns. Not a complete open gigantic dust field *cough cough* Cherno is love, cherno is life.
  4. Requzz

    Legendary gun

    Dont do drugs kids !
  5. Requzz

    Most of Wishes for the future

    i think u mix up locker limit with safe limit ... u can store up to 30k in the safe in your base but over 100k in the lockers in a safezone on most servers ...
  6. Requzz

    Most of Wishes for the future

    most of these things sounds great the but hero system is a bit too much ^^ maybe a own new system if we need one at all.
  7. Requzz

    Exile: Too Easy?

    It is not a hardcore server if the majority can get 200000 poptabs and penis towers on day one ^^ And i really like the only first person in combat !!!
  8. Requzz

    Exile: Too Easy?

    Yeah first person third person i dont really care too, as long as everything is rare but third person would be better because of the crybabies that dont even wanna try and disconnect after joining. Btw its almost impossible to do the missions on first person servers alone because they dont reduce the bot difficulty ...
  9. Requzz

    Exile: Too Easy?

    Yeah looks good, cup mods and even ryans zombies on tanoa but us location ... we on euw wont play there because of the high ping ... and ofc like every hardcore server there arent players so no one wanna "waste" his time there if the server wont become popular .. I feel like some server owners should team up and start a project together with a big thread here so everyone can share their thoughts about the settings/mods and it may become popular since i saw that there are alot of communitys that dont care about money, they just want to play on a/his POPULATED server with the desired "hardcore" settings, i dont mind what kinda settings as long as every fkng item is worth to loot up and to store in their base like on epoch ^^ Or maybe there are already good hardcore servers i dont know ... i dont search empty servers ^^ How is the ping for you us players on euw servers ?
  10. Requzz

    C130 has issues

    I play LoL survival and CSGO survival too i try to survive regardless of the scenario but for real there are 2 sides one side is that exile is officially a survival mod but the other is that unofficially it is not really and we cant explain because its not hardcoded so its up to the server-owners. For me there is no reason to fight for anything on any exile server because u do 2-3 missons and you get like 30k, so u can buy ANYTHING exile has, like u mentioned its like sims everything is just WORTHLESS, just for fun and me and my group already had it with arma 3 epoch since it came out. Epoch was bad working hardcoded monkeypoo but at least every single item was worth looting and storing up in the base ... That is the last thing i miss in exile ^^ ITS MY DREAM One day a hardcore server with good custom scripts and mods will get popular
  11. Requzz

    Respect is useless

    Just ask the server owner to reset the respect loss to default again but i think he did it on purpose to increase his server population. So go and find another server ^^
  12. Requzz


    I really hope that the dead bodies will fall out if there are some inside ... that was one of the things i hated on some servers ... car wrecks despawned after like 30 minutes and the bodies just disappeared.
  13. Requzz


    Then you could change every door and safe to a random code and just play with the masterpin, good luck trying to lock pick every door pin that you can change daylie because you dont need to use the real code. The thermal scanner pro is really balanced, some people increase the heat time and some lower it or they just delete it if they dont want it. It would be broken if u could not hack the masterpin and it would be broken if u could hack the masterpin. stick to your matrix code I use like 4, for the safes vehicles doors but i change the entrance pin so you need 2 codes to meet me inside because of the floodgate.
  14. Requzz

    Exile Tanoa Verdic

    I joined on an server just after an COMPLETE wipe, had 50-60 fps with a few players and over the time at the same restart the server was full ... 71 players edit it was at chernarus and then there was like 35 fps left. I think capping the popular servers at like 50 slots would be good for tanoa ?
  15. Requzz

    Losing Respect

    The killer is getting the 5% that u lose and u said u dont even have 12k so u just runned maybe like 15times to the same spot until u lost 5k ? ur fault ...