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  1. .nawuko

    setdamage killing you in godmode

    [x,y,z] call ExileClient_util_world_isInSpawnZone should be the right thing. can be used on the headless without problems. I would consider adding a check for (isObjectHidden _player) so no admins in stealth mode get chased/attacked.
  2. .nawuko

    setdamage killing you in godmode

    Client or server side? For Exile Client side you can check the ExilePlayerInSafezone variable (no func, just a variable with true/false) For Infistar Client side you can check infiSTAR_A3GodRun (0 OR nil for disabled, 1 for enabled) For server side as far as i can tell there is no actually flag for both. You could check if the player is currently in the safezone (you can check with the built-in function "[x,y,z] call ExileClient_util_world_isInSpawnZone")
  3. .nawuko

    hud issues

    Try this: http://pastebin.com/vFzjQjej
  4. .nawuko

    9.32b Bugs

    wrong forum sorry
  5. .nawuko

    'Sticky Satchels' Not Working - v0.9.32B

    Simple Explanation: Walls/Doors/Floors doesn't have active simulations. If a object gets attachedTo an object without Simulation the Object itself (in this case the satchels) doesent have simulation either. So they can never blow up (not via scroll action nor via direct damage).
  6. .nawuko

    Can't Lock Vehicle or bases... FIX

    This fix is already in Server 0.9.32b included: http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/
  7. .nawuko

    0.9.20 "Tomato"

    @Eichi battleye filter are not complete (for example: missing changes in remotexec.txt). And the extDB2 exile.ini file is the same as the prevoius version (maybe an oversights?) Edit: And main.fsm still has (Clean_up_Arma_sh) which calls forEach (entities "All") every Minute and spams the rpt with the result. leftover from debuging?