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  1. Grant7O2O

    Tanoa Radiation Zone not woking

    Haha, I'm still here, and I've made sure many times that godmode isnt on, I even disabled Infistar
  2. Grant7O2O

    Grant's Exile Zombie's Server

    Grant's Exile server is a Tanoa Zombies server, with lots of zombies, guns, heavily armed vehicles, and a special trader on the USS Freedom! It is easy to install, (all the mods are on the workshop, except Exile, of course) and has high FPS Mods Required: Exile 1.0.3 Temp Fix for Exile Miniguns Zombies and Demons Extended Base Mod Nato & Russian Vehicles Nato & Russian Weapons Here's a link to subscribe to all the workshop mods except Exile! I am a single server owner, and am open to lots of suggestions, please Join my TS and talk to me if you have any suggestions, comments, or problems... And together we can make this community great!!!
  3. Grant7O2O

    Tanoa Radiation Zone not woking

    All that did was make it so that there was no border around the contaminated zone, other than that, it didn't change anything
  4. Grant7O2O

    Tanoa Radiation Zone not woking

    I've Tried this, and about everthing else that all the other forums have suggested, none of it works
  5. Grant7O2O

    Tanoa Radiation Zone not woking

    I'm Making a server on Tanoa, With the default radiation zone in the top left island on Tanoa, I've read multiple forums where people say they fix it with making it bigger or smaller, and none of that is working and I'm stumped... Maybe one of you can help? Heres my Config.CPP And here's my Mission.sqm I can See the markers on the map and everything, but the radiation just wont work, I even tried to disable all the other mods like infistar and ryanszombies, but to no avail!
  6. Grant7O2O

    Advanced Towing

    The link is broken, and brings me to a 404... Could you please fix it?
  7. Grant7O2O

    ExileZ 2

    any help?
  8. Grant7O2O

    ExileZ 2

    For some reason hordes will just not work for me. I have tried everything but hordes will just not spawn in the rpt it says 2:05:50 "ExileZ 2.0: 1 Player in game." 2:05:50 "ExileZ 2.0: Waiting 60 seconds." 2:05:59 "ExileZ 2.0: No valid player found for the Horde" 2:05:59 "ExileZ 2.0: Next Horde in 1 minutes." I am in the middle of an open field on altis, horrasing and trigger zombies do work I am on the default settings except i set the min and max spawn time to 1
  9. Grant7O2O

    1.54 out of memory error i have never seen before

    any updates?
  10. Grant7O2O

    Esseker Mission File w/ Trader Zones

    yea they pissed me off and i was just gonna use this for a private server but now I decided to make it public because I had to go through the pain of finding all this crap and I dont want others to. yea I had the problem with the traders where they were turned around so i just put the dummy backwards and now they are fine lol
  11. Grant7O2O

    Esseker Mission File w/ Trader Zones

    I know these traders are not in the best trader locations but loot spawn and all the traders work! There is even a boat trader! I was looking for a file like this but there were none that I found that had everything so I decided to make one myself, dont try to use this on a high population server because there a few bugs in the trader zones and stuff... but here is the link! I give a lot of credit to @RX-777-BAO for the tutorial for putting this all together and @spear for showing me how to make trader zones. If you want to see how to install this mission file go over to and @mvinithius will show you how to install it. also thanks to @mvinithius for the base file without traders and loot spawns.
  12. This guide worked great! Thank you so much
  13. Grant7O2O

    Requesting bambi character Error

    That fix isnt working for me :(( can you help