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  1. I just gave you the solution. https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile/tree/Testing copy the slum mission from this into your current static folder. Or if you still cant open the door, find which building it is and enable the simulation in the base objects sqf.
  2. Looks like this might be the problem. @Specialist_Military_Arms_(SMA)_Version 2.7.1 . Cant have any spaces in the name. Also you can just drop the rappeling, towing and slingload pbo's directly into the exileserver/addons folder. Don't need to run them as mods. Should also have a @Exileserver; in the -servermod=" "- . and for ease of use you can rename the mod folders to w/e you want in the directory (eg. @SMA;@RHSUSAF; @CUP_Core;). Just make sure the command line matches the mod folder and you have the right keys. Also I've never used chenarus isles, but why do you need Cup terrains complete and cup core and maps.
  3. @basics You can now specify buildings to enable/disable simulation (allowing you to open/close doors) for the old M3E exports. Existing buildings have been updated (there may be some in the static bases that aren't updated). This is from the changelog from the RC branch of DMS on github. I would say DL this version and just copy the missions into your existing folder.
  4. Looks like getting the script version working of VCOM v3 is really simple. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216611-release-vcom-ai-3-dangerous-ai/ download the script version. Drop VCOM folder and userconfig folder into your mission pbo. Add [] execVM "Vcom\VcomInit.sqf"; into your init.sqf Add #include "vcom\cfgFunctions.hpp" into the class CfgFunctions in the description.ext. I havnt seen any errors and it seems to be working fine. Probably will need more testing but all seems to be good. Also you'll need to revert any changes made from the older version install of vcom.
  5. I am trying to get the predefined mission locations working for dynamic missions. I am using the RC branch currently. This is how i have it set. I keep getting an error and it stops DMS from launching. This is the error I get in my .rpt Any have the way to do this? Thanks. <SOLVED> Typo was fixed in the DMS_fnc_FindSafePos.sqf . Edit was pushed to github.
  6. Yes, Leave it out of the tradercategories though.
  7. I have made a static mission for the map I am using. I want to use it as a DMS_SpecialMissions, so it does not spawn more then once a restart. When i add the .sqf file into the special folder I created in the mission folder, the mission does nothing. How do I get this mission to run? DMS_SpecialMissions = [["ABPrato",1,20,1,900]]; The missions spawns if i just add with my other statics.
  8. @Aristo link for config.cpp from your mission file in a pastebin plz Most of those mods in that are outdated and some classnames have changed or been removed also
  9. @Zupa Thanks for the help so far. I've fixed the previous errors. But it still seems the script is not liking the format I exported my basefiles in. This is the error I'm getting now which export option should I be using in m3eEden? <SOLVED>
  10. I edited my basefile sqf. Is this how it should look? I'm still being spammed with errors in my .rpt and they don't seem to spawn. These are the errors I am seeing relating to ZCP And this one is filling my rpt I think the problem is relating to the first one I showed but i don't see whats messed up in it. the fn_missions.sqf Thanks .
  11. was everything working before any edits were made? The only things I'm seeing is trying setting the SC_useMapOverrides to false in occupation and change DMS_enableRankChange to true in DMS.
  12. If you can post your config in a spoiler or pastebin Ill take a look.
  13. so you're running 2 different versions of the same mod so it works when you load with A3 launcher? Looks like the last update for zombies and demons was at the end of May, I would think a3 launcher has the current version then. loading and running 2 versions of the same mod just sounds like trouble to me. Maybe someone who actually runs zombies on their server might have an answer for this. good luck
  14. I wouldn't worry about it. It should still work. People should be using the arma 3 launcher imo.