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  1. This is a script I'm using to prevent building near certain definable structures (mainly military) and near roads. The problem I'm having is now I can not build a campfire and I would like to make that the exception to these rules. Could some help me by writing an exception and tell me where in this I need to place it? I'm a complete noob when it comes to coding and scripting. Thank you
  2. Flakvest

    Custom Respect Loadouts Preconfigured

    It seems now that adding a backpack NOW breaks HALO spawning, specifically if using XSpawn. When the player gets to a rep level where they get a backpack, when you choose HALO spawn, you never get the option to pull your parachute because apparently it doesn't exist anymore. I've included my overwrite for ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this so HALO spawn in XSpawn works AND get the backpack their loadout is assigned?
  3. Flakvest

    ExAd v1.0.4

    I did put the pbo's in their proper spot. I believe, like you I missed something somewhere. I'll go through it all again and see if I have better luck. Thanks!
  4. Flakvest

    ExAd v1.0.4

    When I hit Deploy Quad, nothing happens. Nothing in the RPT. Just a dead function from this end?
  5. @Janski it is not a show stopper by any means but if you would keep me in mind when you return I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. @Janski I have checked and rechecked and even had someone else check me. I have everything implemented as the documents require. I'm at a loss. Hack Safe comes up when you have a laptop in your inventory but the character just sits down and nothing else happens.
  7. So now that I set the min players to 1 instead of 20 I get the Hack Safe option but besides sitting down, nothing else happens. Did I do something else stupid? I don't remember having this much trouble before KIWI.
  8. I can not get hacking to work after KIWI. When you walk up to a safe in a territory, with a laptop in your inventory, their is never an option in the mouse wheel menu to Hack Safe. Here is my config.cpp Here is is an excerpt from cfgFuntions.cpp where I uncommented the include for hacking. and hacking.pbo has been uploaded to the server. Any thought?
  9. Flakvest

    Crashes? Please help!

    When does it crash for you? While downloading the mission file What was the last thing you have seen before it crashed? loading map Does it crash every time or just sometimes? sometimes (50%) Which Arma version and branch (Stable, Dev, RC/Sneak Peak) are you running? Stable Which Arma DLCs do you own? Karts? Marksmen? APEX? Helicopters? Zeus? All Which operating system are you using? Windows 10 Are you using a custom memory allocator? (-malloc start-up parameter) No Please let off some steam here No rant but a workaround is to alt-tab as soon as the mission file starts to download and just wait until you know it's done. I never crashes when you do this. If possible, please show us your .rpt file, e.g. via Pastebin If possible, upload the last "Minidump" (.bidmp and .mdmp files) here. You can find them next to the .rpt (Your link here)
  10. Flakvest

    Battleye not working

    Ok so I figured this out on my own and will put the "solution" here as well. When I created the BEServer.cfg, Windows was still set to hide file extensions of known types. So in actuality I was creating a file called BEServer.cfg.txt. In an explorer windows, go to Tools>Folder Options and click on the View tab. Scroll down and uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types". I was positive it was something stupid I was overlooking so there you have it.
  11. Flakvest

    Battleye not working

    Bump. Anybody?
  12. Flakvest

    Battleye not working

    So I'm using the default "SC" folder as my profile path (-profiles=SC). Battleye will not work. I have the -bepath switch in my startup as well (-BEPath=c:\arma\sc\battleye) and still nothing. I manually created the battleye folder and placed bans.txt and beserver.cfg in there with the RCON password and still no luck. It doesn't rename beserver.cfg so I know it's not working. If I delete the beserver.dll it does recreate it but still BE will not engage. BE is enabled in the config.cfg (BattlEye= 1;). Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  13. Flakvest

    [SOLVED] infistar features working fine

    I'm sure you are trying to be helpful here but your response does not make sense.