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  1. Dear all, I want to change the capacity of vehicles on our server as the standard has no logic. Been going through the files, but havent been able to find where this could be changed.For example; I want the cargo trucks to have the biggest capacity, while right now even an offroad can carry more and a UAZ from the MAS vehicles can carry more than 3 times that of a truck. Does anyone know if this can be changed at all? and if yes, in which file and where? Thank you very much in advance for any useful feedback.
  2. _Patrick Swayze

    Hallo, hoe gaat het met jullie!

    Banaan is lekker
  3. _Patrick Swayze

    Weapon attachments duplicating

    I think we will just have to remove the MMG then.. @ Dwarfer, yes, topic may be closed
  4. _Patrick Swayze

    Weapon attachments duplicating

    I had started the topic, but let Rythron take over as he is the brains in regards to implementing mods and scripts on the server, Im just the PR guy ;). Also on my behalf, thanks a lot for your help guys!
  5. _Patrick Swayze

    Weapon attachments duplicating

    Dear all, I have been searching the solution on the old forums and here, also Google, but neither he was my friend. So now I turn to you with the following: On our server we are still stuck with the Navid having its Bipod duplicating when being traded. Also we have added the Mass Weapons 1.8 and for those also the attachments just keep on duping, basically till a players car is full. The majority of players do not try to dupe. They are reporting it and want to get rid of the bug as well. Is there anyone out there that can help us in the direction of resolving this problem? I'd very much appreciate it! PS. I posted this before on the old forum that we thought to have found the resolution, but we didn't..