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  1. SaintZ

    Loot not spawning (Esseker)

    Exile does not come pre-packaged with loot positions for esseker buildings. So basically what this means is your server has no idea where to spawn the loot. Try to find someone that has an esseker server that is willing to share theirs or make the positions yourself.
  2. SaintZ

    freeze when trying to enter spawned vehicle

    I've had this same problem but just waiting for like 30 - 60 seconds seems to fix. I think the problem might be within the animation itself. It could be that it waits too long to transition to the next state whether it be Idle or "Closing". At the same time It could be the change from the character going from a "wait until" state to actually entering the vehicle via regular arma animations. I'm not at my pc right now but I can take a look at this when I get home later.
  3. SaintZ

    Do these Mods/Scripts Exist???

    There are repeling/fast rope mods not at my computer right now otherwise I would get links. I think its called Advanced urban repeling. I use it on my server. One mod allows for repelling from buildings. The other allows for fast roping from helicopters.
  4. SaintZ

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

    I'm apart of the project and I don't even know the complete answer to that.(cause I just make the models) lol BUT what you @M-RYS can do is jump the discord and throw a question and one of the smart peoples will answer your question
  5. SaintZ

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

    Whoa whoa whoa, I'm just the 3D artist...I only make things pretty.. Don't put that evil on me Ricky Bobby
  6. SaintZ

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

    You ain't seen nothing yet lol
  7. SaintZ

    Exile Life 3D Modeling Stream

    Hey guys, Newest member of the Exile Life Dev Team, and I was wanting to show you guys a little bit of what I do. Hope you guys can stop by and keep me company
  8. SaintZ

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

    I'm the 3D Modeler now....very very happy Hope I can do the team justice.
  9. Havent tried on Tanoa yet but helis I have been able to refuel just by landing on the fuel stations. In cars you can just drive up and turn off your engine and it begins refueling. Also, in cars, if you look at the pump while holding alt and scroll wheel you should be getting a "refuel" at pump option.....I think... but I know driving up and turning off your engine does the trick....and never had any problems with heli. Just make sure you are sitting still so maybe throw it in auto-hover to help out. Or if the top of the gas station is big enough just land on it. hope this helps
  10. You wont end up out in the water if you port the spawns over from the tanoa mission.sqm (this is where you define your player spawns) and I think (not 100% sure) he said he just wouldn't add your server to his list if you didn't change the name. But yeah if you want to give your bambi's things like quad bikes right off the bat then this really isn't the mod for you anyways. This is only for people that want a hardcore non-candy coated version of Exile. This configuration brings us back to the good ol days of arma sandbox survival where everything you have can be taken and you have to fight for and earn everything you have against all odds. You ever player DayZ and take a vehicle from someone and you're so stoked because its something so hard to obtain. Or player arma 2 epoch and kill someone that had like 5 briefcases of gold. This bring back those feelings of true accomplishment. Not saying there is anything wrong with the gameplay that you provide on your server. Just saying this is a totally different cup of tea.
  11. not 100% sure but try just adding the initplayer local and initserver from the Zombie version to the regular version........Might work unless there is something in there to do with zombies...haven't looked but cant think of anything that would be there off hand. so to reiterate just download the regular version and the zombie version from the GitHub and grab up the initplayerlocal and interserver from the mpmission file and transfer it to yours....OH!! and you will need the spawns from the mission.sqm as well....if you decide to just copy that over you will have to comment out anything that has to do with RyanZombies
  12. SaintZ

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

    you guys need a 3D Modeler? Eh!? EH!?!! DO YA?!!! ....sorry, I get done now
  13. SaintZ

    "hidden" Territory

    LoL I like how everyone is jumping on to help these guys out but I think you guys are misunderstanding. No, you can not fix this for your personal client. It is an action the the admins of the server you play on would have to do. If you want, direct the admins to this post and ask them to remove territories from popping up on the server. I run an RP server so ill more than likely be using what ive seen here to hide base locations from people. Thanks for asking this question @Enforcer1975 I would have never thought about it.
  14. I wish you the best of luck. I'm heading to bed as its 3AM where I live. If it was just BE kicks then you'll be fine after removing the txt files. Like I said its not the best scenario but it gives you a starting point. Also, if you want to do a quick test. If removing the filters fixes everything for you. Try adding Reborn's filters and see if you come up with the same problems (this is after you have your server running without filters) If you get the same problems then obviously there is a problem with the filters somewhere that we're just not seeing. I checked earlier and sure enough I actually am not running the filters on my server. Thought I was but guess I forgot to add them LoL. But yeah, best of luck to you and if you haven't fixed this by time I get on next then ill try to help you further. Good night Survivors
  15. @MinkiSan Zed is right, I am running the filters on my server along side infistar with no issues. You might do this, go and delete all of the filters you currently have and throw exile Reborn's stuff in. Now, I have to ask the dumb question of are you running any other mods besides exile, and infistar? or any custom scripts besides Reborn? If so, then that's a whole new ballgame as far as filters go.