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  1. You rename the game-server itself via the config.cfg hostname="";
  2. StokesMagee

    Looking for modder
  3. StokesMagee

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts It's where I got all the other textures.
  4. StokesMagee

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    SM_VehicleService has been updated: Fixed: Repair all button not working when the vehicle is not local to the server
  5. StokesMagee

    Server error when connecting

    @kuplion solved
  6. StokesMagee

    Server error when connecting

    DO NOT USE TADST... as for the "error" it's because you're missing the .bikey for the mod in the keys folder, go to the mod folder, find the .bikey, and move it into the servers key folder.
  7. I quoted what he said in another forum post as well... so i don't have to repeat myself here: but anyways... for this you can just make an override for Exiles hud update, and add inside of there the update for your ammo stuff, it would save a loop, but honestly it's not doing anything at all so it's completely up to you.
  8. StokesMagee

    HELP "UISounds 2" MOD

    wrong... with your own mod.. like you can override ANY classes (weapons, vehicles, etc..) with just a simple requiredAddons[] = {"exile_client"}; making the PBO dependent on it, and allowing you to change the class settings. besides, this don't require any of that. you just add the sounds to the description.ext CfgSounds, add the sounds to the missionfile, and do some overrides, no need for the mod at all: ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryClosed add playSound "bagclose"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened add playSound "bagopen"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onTake add playSound "pickup"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onPut add playSound "drop"; You can figure out the rest from there.... Sounds are local to the player but meh...
  9. StokesMagee

    [RELEASE] Missile warning for all vehicles

    There is nothing wrong with a 'while true loop'... the way his loop is "designed" is it's not running constantly... and it's not doing anything intensive at all. It will make little to no difference changing it to anything else. yeah there is a better way of doing it (for example onGetInMan, onFired, etc.. events).. FPS will not 'hit hard', this will have absolutely little to no impact.
  10. StokesMagee

    Datenbank error??

    your launch parameters need to be -serverMod="@ExileServer;"
  11. StokesMagee

    [RELEASE] Missile warning for all vehicles

    mine works for everything that can be locked on
  12. StokesMagee

    serverLag on item pickup and other similar actions

    @[PEPO] | Lunas | If removing battleye filters "fixes" the issue, then the problem is that the filters are set to log, and whenever someone does something that is not filtered, it will write to a log file. For example: I'm placing a construction object and it's not in the filter for setPos, every 0.01 seconds the objects position gets set, and every 0.01 seconds that gets logged to a file. Basically, look at the logs and add the logs to the filters. Also, infiSTAR is a layer ontop of battleye, infiSTAR stops what battleye was not designed to stop.
  13. StokesMagee

    serverLag on item pickup and other similar actions

    "ALL of those 'actions' are run thru the DB." Is what I'm saying wrong to
  14. StokesMagee

    serverLag on item pickup and other similar actions

    Wrong. @[PEPO] | Lunas | Try disabling battleye filters, see if that makes a difference.