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  1. warchild2k

    Linux HELP

    Read my post again. You obviously didn't. I don't see the issue. The resources you need are in those directories.
  2. warchild2k

    Linux HELP

    No, it should not. This is why you should always check the content of a ZIP file, and preferably unzip to a temporary directory. The extracted folders are Arma 3 Server and MySQL. Also the download link is just file, the reason why it doesn't work for you is because of hotlinking restrictions you know, to avoid people linking directly to the file externally. If you run wget --referer=http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ '' it will download just fine.
  3. warchild2k

    [Linux] Server don`t start; Maybe MySQL Problem

    This is usually due to a wrong tag in your @ExileServer/extdb-conf.ini file. It's looking for [exile], but not finding it. Maybe you called it [mysql]? Attached in spoiler below is the default extdb-conf.ini file.
  4. warchild2k

    Linux Exile Server Setup CentOS 7

    Why not use code for the commands to separate text from actual shell commands? Also, using chmod 777 on the file is stupid, as it would allow all users on the system access to edit the file, and compromise the account. Use this instead: # chmod u+x start.sh (or 'chmod 700 start.sh' could also be used) I can recommend using https://gameservermanagers.com/lgsm/arma3server/ for managing the server in general. It's a great tool. Also you can name your screen session by using: # screen -S myname Good effort on the documentation for CentOS 7. I'll contribute some when I have time!
  5. warchild2k

    New Exile Esseker Server NEED HELP!!!! FAST!!!!!!

    I don't have one for you, sorry. You could try to just create a thread if anyone wants to share a 1.0.0 compatible PBO with you, if not then you'll probably have to copy paste the default Altis one and go into editor and move stuff around until it works for ya.
  6. warchild2k

    New Exile Esseker Server NEED HELP!!!! FAST!!!!!!

    Has to be }; not } - That being said, it seems like the mission.sqm is missing the last part. Also, as recommended earlier - you should probably look at getting another pbo. Especially since 1.0.0 version of Exile introduced lockers...
  7. Oh, gotcha. I looked in all the wrong places. Makes sense now why I could not find any SQF code handling the size. Thanks for both ExAd and your swift reply! Love the new statusbar, you made my custom exile_client.pbo with no HUD (for making videos) obsolete. Maybe add an option for removing the HUD by default in customization.sqf?
  8. warchild2k

    New Exile Esseker Server NEED HELP!!!! FAST!!!!!!

    For AI you need a mod like DMS/occupation. As for traders they need to go in the mission.sqm, so you either need to edit it or get another PBO. Use this forum, but also remember to use the search function. It'll answer a lot of your questions.
  9. warchild2k

    New Exile Esseker Server NEED HELP!!!! FAST!!!!!!

    Remove the following from mission.sqm: Posted 13 Dec 2015 Check your mission file for the following: I'd recommend you to maybe look for a newer pbo for esseker tho, that one is OLD. Or just make one your self. Seems he did a copy/paste error when looking at this thread: Best of luck!
  10. warchild2k

    Linux Server Installation Guide

    Cool that you are using docker for this. Nice work! The most annoying part of running a Exile server on Linux is actually case-sensitive directories/filenames, when using mods. Atleast for those who refuse to use ciopfs.
  11. warchild2k

    Poptabs for donations... wtf

    Wow what a fuckbag. I'd be happy if our community would fork up for the server hosting. I don't understand those who goes into doing this for monetary gains. His servers are hosted at OVH, which is a cheap provider (shitty support, but good value). Call IRS on the guy. He's pocketing donations for sure. $10 for a TS room! An extra $2 if you want it on top of the list. Bwahaha. $15/month for a VIP slot. Damn. The guy also sells loadouts, which is def a pay-to-win thing: http://ghostzgamerz.com/rewards/product-category/donor-perks/a-3/loudouts/
  12. warchild2k

    New Exile Esseker Server NEED HELP!!!! FAST!!!!!!

    The link to the PBO from the thread you posted is seemingly dead. Attach your mission.sqm file (if you know how to depbo) or upload your Exile.Esseker.pbo somewhere, use spoilers to paste log/RPT/SQF/SQM stuff. Makes it easier to read for humans. Also remember that you don't need to shout (using lots of exclamation marks) and demand an instant answer. Asking nicely goes a long way.
  13. Scratching my head a bit here in regards to changing the size of the watermark logo. I don't see an option for that in customize.sqf, and there's no size= to override. I initially added a watermark earlier today, but I'd rather use ExAd for it.
  14. warchild2k

    Linux Server Installation Guide

    Excellent guide :-) Might want to make people aware that MySQL 5.6+ is needed tho. Had me scratching my head for a few when I couldn't import the sql. Using CentOS 7 with MariaDB 10.1 - works fine!