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  1. Hi everybody, there is a seperate throwing option for zeds and demons. What is a zed and what a demon? This are the type of units we have (from zclasses): I want did enable throwing and jumping for demons, but they did not show up jet? Only boss is a demon? @kuplion Awsome work splitting the BIG config in meaningful parts. MrD
  2. MrDynamite

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi, ohne question. DMS bots walk through buildings and walls. Can I disable this somewehere in code? They fall off higher ground into the ocean :-\. Thx MrD
  3. MrDynamite

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi, I've a question about placing AI. I sucessfully ported the oilrig v1 and tanoa fort of Xcinos to panthera by adding / substracting coordinates. Now I am _trying_ to place AI on the buildings. I used the coordinates that infistar gives me (show world coord and copy to chat). Staric guns will survive the spawn by adding 0.1 to the height. But for the walking AI I could not find out how to do it - they die instant. Is there a best pracise how to do it? How do I get the coordinates to place an DMS_fnc_SpawnAIGroup_MultiPos? I use bornholm foothold as template. I can't import the objects to the editor, with edencollecthoistory they differ in height to the initserver.sqf Regards MrD DMS spawn height starts at the water surface, Infistar starts at the bottom of the ocean. So Infistar AI postion height - Infistar water height = DMS spawn height. MrD
  4. MrDynamite

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi, thats little bit sad but you can run out of time with arma pretty easily. Thx for you your work and spending your free time. MrD
  5. MrDynamite

    [Release Tanoa fort]

    Hi, I did put the fortresswall on the submarine in the correct place and sorted out the the simulationglobel, only the few objects with doors do have it. I added an offset to the coordinates so you can move it around easily. This did work pretty well for me on water missions, eg the oilrig v1 mission from Xcinos, the creator of ths mission. MrD
  6. MrDynamite

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi guys, maybe somebody can shed some light on me about the format of the static buildings objects file. I have no idea about the name of the format .... somehow there are several diffrent ones. DMS static, dynamic, other Arma missions ... The objects are in place but the angle / turning on the z axe of the barrier is not correct, so the 181.818 is not working? I have no "Error in" in my log. I want to load a DMS static objects file in the initserver.sqf to move the original mission around with the offset _dx/_dy/_dz and see if it works before I start messing around with the editor. Thx for your help! MrD I was to tiered and to impatient - wait until the slow testing system has rotated the items - viola everything is fine.
  7. MrDynamite

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi, here is my adapted version of the EBM recipes. The most exiting part are the two classes that build a level2 workbench and fire (=welding trolley). @Freakylein feel free to add this if you want, its based on version 033. MrD
  8. MrDynamite

    [Solved] Crosshair / difficulty again

    Hi, thx @~EL BARTO~ for your hint. I's the easiest way you can do it. By default the crossair is already removed, just drop the pbo to @exileserver/addons and you are done. Thx @kuplion MrDynamite
  9. Hi, until 1.7x this custom dificulty was working .local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles\profile with my old chernarus winter: But now setting up an new panthera server I have no 3rd person anymore?!? !ARMA! I am on linux. The profile is regognized because the crosshair is gone. Does this still work? Did not find a dificulty overhaul by Bohemia .... Thx MrD
  10. MrDynamite

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi, check for DMS_BanditMissionsOnServerStart / DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart in config.sqf MrD
  11. MrDynamite

    Problem in database

    Hi @exilerist as is see from the errors it's panthera , have it too. Did you solve it? I tryied to find the positions in the mission.sqm, traders ... but they are not there ... so I have no idea ... Cheers MrD
  12. MrDynamite

    [Release] Panthera/Winthera Exile Files

    @DavieReid88 Can you reup the files. I am setting up an panthera server ... tiered of cheranrus winter. Thx MrD
  13. MrDynamite

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi, you dont put a lock on, Its lockable like a safe. What means we cant lock? There is no menu do do it? The menu is in the menus.hpp. Did you include it, load it in the config.cpp? Does it load properly or Is there an error in the log about menus.hpp? MrD
  14. MrDynamite

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi all, so i answer myself. Add the new workbench and the trolley and it will be useable for crafting receipies ... sometimes so easy. Crafting containers with the welder is much cooler then with fire ... :D. I use them for the better items. @Freakylein Feel free to add this if you like it. And another point ... it is alot of work to review the receipies, almos 6k lines .... you added alot of interior stuff. Maybe ist is a good idea to sort it by category or even put big categories into a seperate file. Its nice to have so many items, but not everything needs to be crafted. I personally moved some stuff to the shop. And we need a Coffee Maschine in Chernarus .. its winter and its cold in winter. MrD
  15. MrDynamite

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi, I have two questions, maybe someone can help. Exile_Meele_Shovel vs Exile_Item_Shovel The Exile_Meele_Shovel can be found in the buildings, so i replaced the item_shovel with the meele_shovel in the recipies. But the name of the item is blank when you try to craft. Should this work or can't it work because meele_shovel is a weapon? 2nd level fire and workbench Did someone try to make the welder a sort of 2nd level fire to carft the advanved items or to use the nice workbench for chrafting the advanced items? Thx and ceep up the good work. MrD