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  1. Still looking for Developers if anyone is interested, Please note that I don't have much to offer but if this takes off like I think it will you will be compensated for it. Best Regards AJ
  2. Just want to say I seen your post on my buddies thread Patriarchial's and he is help me out over at http://ExileRPG.com if your interested give it a look and see what you think. 

    The hole Idea is to run it as a group based voting instead of a single dictator and also to eventually branch off to other games in the future but for now start on ExileRPG or Exile Role Playing Games. What we have in the works so far is Exile mod, Ryans Zombies, Taskforce Radio, CUP_Terrain *4 Chernarus Summer*. This is what we have for now and more will be added. 

    Please if your interested message me here or over on my website and we can talk more about it.

    1. Janine Renee

      Janine Renee

      Yes, I am interested for sure! I love doing this kind of stuff. I am very new with arma 3 though. For the last 24 hours I have been trying to understand the new formats etc. cause I was so familiar with Arma 2.  But once I understand all the new stuff here and get going....I usually run with it and create all kinds of fun stuff etc. I would love to help in anyway I can.  Thanks for considering me and let me know what you would like from me.  Thanks!   You can contact me here, or my e-mail is Janinerenee1024@gmail.com. Or Facebook message me. https://www.facebook.com/Reneesmee2.   Thank you!



  3. Multiple Servers in the future that consist mainly of Role Playing and realism. My plan is to start with this and branch from there. I have a lot already done but would love some extra help. Website needs background work I made everything look pretty on the front back the back is all hairy. Lol Thanks for letting me know. and thanks for the comment back guys
  4. http://ExileRPg.com Hello Exile Community and Staff members, I want to let y'all in on a bit of a secret right now. I am starting a community and would love to have some staff members and developers. If anyone is Interested please come over and check out what I need you for. Thanks in advance for your time. Future Plans & Secrets: We have some youtubers confirmed and have some DayZRP legends that will be here, My plan for this community is to grow in games as we grow in numbers, To let people choice the game they want to Role Play in. We are a community base voting and not a Dictatorship type of community. I want to make this a community of role players fun and exciting in every way, Also to make a great place for anyone/everyone to come and role play on which ever game they choice to. JuggsDayZRP is my best friend and is coming over Phishtv is another friend that is coming and more to come as I will save the bigger guys as a surprise but the people that are contacted, 8 out of the 10 are confirmed gonna show up. Mods: Exile mod *turned a few things off* Ryans Zombies and Demons CUP_Terrain *For Chernarus Summer, Until we can create our own map* Task Force Radio: Having issues getting Ryans Zombies to load into Chernarus Summer if anyone knows please come help. Roles we need right now: Arma 3 Developer (this can be in anything) -NEEDED Staff: (Any position but be warned you will start as support unless we all agree otherwise) More positions if you have skills SHOW ME! Again Thanks in advance and hope to talk to some of you. Sincerely, A.j *Owner of ExileRPG Teamspeak: exilerpg.euknetworks.com:1337 Extra Notes added: Multiple Servers in the future that consist mainly of Role Playing and realism. My plan is to start with this and branch from there. I have a lot already done but would love some extra help.