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  1. smelting

    Script Restriction #6

    Yep, stopped using CUPs lol.
  2. smelting

    Virtual garage spawning vehicles on restart

    Is anyone on your server able to open up the virtual garage menu? I am able to but no one else is, I am guessing it has something to do with inifistar.
  3. smelting

    Virtual garage spawning vehicles on restart

    Yeah I finally got my linux server to work with extDB3 and the same behavior with virtual garage seems to be happening on my server. At first glass of the rpt, its because virtual garage is trying to use extDB2. Edit: Don't know why all the vehicles seemed to spawn that were in the virtual garage, but it does seem to be working.
  4. smelting

    OCP Doors

    I just updated and it seems to have fixed the door opening problems with OCP.
  5. smelting

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Looks like this performance build has fixed the extension issue that I was experiencing on linux.
  6. smelting

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    For the linux extension issue, what was the temp fix? I wasn't exactly sure what you went by this:
  7. smelting

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    That would explain why I'm seeing a bunch of other callExtension issues. Thanks for the update
  8. smelting

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    I'm running linux and have been having issues trying to get extDB3 to load on my server. I just downloaded the newest update of arma 3 that came out earlier today. I've tried multiple things (file permissions, different versions of extDB3, case sensitivity), everything seems to give me the same error. I currently have the extDB3 pbo in the folder for debug. As expected my extDB3 logs folder is empty. If you have any ideas on what else I should try I would really appreciate it . I believe all your overrides are working since the error message at least says that it couldn't load extDB3.
  9. smelting

    Is this enough?

    I can say that running a server with dual E5540s would be a push for 50 players so a E5520 is even worse. I didn't run my server as vanilla, but I did have to hugely reduce the number of AI. I ended up putting a 32 player limit on it simply because it couldn't handle the load. The best thing to do is to upgrade to a single desktop processor with 3.5GHz+. I upgraded to a i-7 4790k which runs at around 4.4Ghz most of the time and the difference is amazing. Also if you're hosting it yourself... (Most likely don't have a fiber connection anyway) you can get server motherboards that support that i-7 and that have integrated remote management (Super important if you happen to be 3000 ish miles away from the server most of the time). If you stick with the E5520 you can try using headless clients, but if the server is having fps issues then the headlessclients aren't going to do much anyway. I would recommend sticking with 8Gb of RAM, even using four headlessclients on my machine I only used about 7.2Gb of ram.
  10. smelting

    [CLOSED] How to Indicate required mods

    I don't think there is a way to "force" a player to install them, but a3 launcher will ask them if they want to install the required mods. If your server has been properly queried by a3 launcher it should show all of the mods that the server is running under the name and to the right of the ip address. I know if you have recently added mods it does take some time for the launcher to recognize them, and often requires the restart of a3 launcher. The name of the server has nothing to do with what mods a3 launcher thinks that you need. Also you can change your server to not allow players without the required mods to join the server, then you wouldn't have to deal with people dying from invis zombies.
  11. smelting

    MIssion.sqm Editing

    This is because the traders are in the initPlayerLocal.sqf file. When you add your traders in, you create them and give them a position on the map. Usually you use m3editor or something similar to build a trader area and them put a place holder for the position of the trader. Then when you add in those objects you remove the place holder and create a trader in your initPlayerLocal.sqf file with that position. If you want to make your own traders there are great topics out there on how to make them. Hopefully this helps.
  12. smelting

    Script Restriction #6

    So after adding CBA,CUPS_weapons/units/vehicles into my server I'm get battleye issues when I try to connect. BattlEye Server: Script Log: #6 "ef","CUP_fnc_initShip","CUP_fnc_detachFromShip","CUP_fnc_createVehicleCargo","CUP_fnc_spawnVehicleCargo","CUP_fnc_virtualVehicle" I have tried to add it in to the scripts.txt file with no luck. !="ef\",\"CUP_fnc_initShip\",\"CUP_fnc_detachFromShip\",\"CUP_fnc_createVehicleCargo\",\"CUP_fnc_spawnVehicleCargo\",\"CUP_fnc_virtualVehicle" I also tried : !="ef" !="CUP_fnc_initShip" !="CUP_func_detachFromShip" !="CUP_fnc_createVehicleCargo" !="CUP_fnc_spawnVehicleCargo" !="CUP_fnc_virtualVehicle" Any ideas?
  13. smelting

    Recommendations for better performance

    I feel like linux might be scewed because people run them on VMs or containers. Someone should test it and finalize the discussion.
  14. Hi all, I recently built a custom server for exile to hopefully be able to run 80+ slots with lots of AI and zombies. I've had the server about a quarter full (around 20 players) and I started to notice a slight dip in fps. I was wondering if there was anything I could do without reducing AI anymore. Here are the specs: i-7 4790k -> 4.0Ghz base ... Turbo -> 4.4Ghz 16gb cosair ram -> 1600MHz ...fastest motherboard supports 128gb SSD --> 93,000 IOPS read ASRock E3C226D2I Mini ITX Server Motherboard Ubuntu 14.03 Mysql 5.7 hosted on the same machine. Gigabit up/down link I don't have the option to overclock, and I wouldn't even if the server board could for stability issues. I run two headless clients for the zombies. Are there any options to offload some of the work to clients/other server threads?
  15. smelting

    infistar logs on linux

    I was wondering how we enable logs to be written to files on linux since we can't use the provided dlls. I hope this isn't a stupid question, I just want to be able to archive admin activity on the server easily. Thanks!