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  1. Retribution

    Flag upgrades don't cost respect?

    I like the new system, it forces players to engage in either AI combat, PvP, or massive looting.. Both for the money to pay the flag cost and the respect to buy "X" type of gear and vehicles. Overall its a change for the better. It may be a bit harder for some folks (say lone wolf) to accrue the pop tabs or respect needed, but all good things come to those who kill. And kill repeatedly.
  2. Retribution

    Removing Crosshair?

    Cen.. I don't know if you're being funny or not.. that emoji is confusing =P
  3. Retribution

    Removing Crosshair?

    @Boxman80 just want to confirm.. config.cfg is NOT the place to change it to difficulty = "Custom" - because like it states it will break the game .. sorry for the question just want to be sure // do NOT use custom difficulties! // Use either ExileRegular or ExileHardcore // or you will break Exile! difficulty = "ExileRegular";
  4. Retribution

    Im disgusted

    I actually think this is not such a bad idea. Rife for abuse, but i mean if you want to sit there and drink 1mil energy drinks or chocomoo cans, then maybe you deserve all the pop tabs. To counter this, maybe we should think about combining this feature request with a request to also have there be a 0.05% chance of falling over dead due to a heart attack..
  5. Retribution

    Exile Mod

    ^many lolz.. many many many.
  6. Having a bit of experience with things in exile i will say this. I have found that when flags are not placed on the map terrain itself things tend to get buggy. Either it tells a player they are "in enemy territory" and can't build - or the base disappears all together. I am fairly certain that moving the flag around would have issues because territory build radius needs a hardpoint center. That hardpointed center is most likely coded to the placement of the flag, and thus would require an amount of recoding and redoing of the territory system. Whenever I build I usually just plan ahead and place my flag and build around it to protect it. This could be cool, but would require code work which is probably not going to happen. Don't get me wrong - the idea sounds fun - its prob not plausible tho.
  7. Retribution

    Removing Crosshair?

    Thanks! Will give this a try and let you know how we make out.. i really appreciate the quick reply too!
  8. Retribution

    Removing Crosshair?

    I would be forever grateful if anybody could shed a little light on how to remove crosshairs -- tried via server profile and didn't work - i believe due to the new difficulty profiles.. Edit - additionally we would like to keep 3rd person so moving to the "hardcore" exile difficulty isn't really an option.
  9. Retribution

    Wall glitching

    Hey, thanks for the response! Good to know!
  10. Retribution

    Group Bug

    Any fix for the group bug where people can see everyone on the map? Just recently started having this issue and was wondering 1. anyone else encountered this 2 if so, is there a fix serverside i imagine this is due to the new way groups are in 1.0 - but are there any cfgdifficulty settings that should/can be changed? thanks for any help as this is totally breaking the game for us and players
  11. Retribution

    1.62 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    Any fix for the ability to see EVERYONE on the map in one big group? just started poping up on our server and its game breaking..
  12. Retribution

    How to fix seeing everyone on the map

    Having an issue where players can see everyone on the map. This is totally game breaking. Its a issue with grouping/families. Anyway to fix this or is this just another arma issue??
  13. Retribution

    Wall glitching

    Just checking but has something changed in infi - we are running the most recent and no more warnings are issued or restraints issued for attempting to wall glitch. I was just wondering if its a setting on our end (looked and everything seems to be set right) or if something changed in infi.. thanks in advance.
  14. Retribution

    Players Spawning as Bunny/Invisible in the ground.. Help?!

    Still happening, I think its the new lack of lobby screen and the way its putting people into slots.. only a shot in the dark, but if i was a betting man, its what id put my money on. i don't think BE has anything to do with this.
  15. Retribution

    New players on second log in are stuck under the ground

    Ive posted extensively about this. Its an issue that is plaguing my server. No real fix has been found, and nothing offered up by the devs here at exile. Seems to be happening to a few servers. Some claim to fix it temporarily then the same shit keeps happening. We have no idea what the issue is. But if I had to put money on it, it leads back to the fact that players can no longer select a slot at the lobby screen and are being forced into slots by this new loading screen. Why do you ask? Because when I see players logging in and having this issue there is sometimes a (2) after their name, meaning there are two of the same person logged in... Just a shot in the dark, but its not mods, and its not infistar.. so it HAS to be exile itself. if anyone finds a fix please say something here so we can help eachother out.. thanks.