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    New TRYK & TAC Classnames

    I'm planning to do it myself but haven't got around to do it you can put the clothing on the editor or virtual arsenal and from there just select them all and right click and choose log > classes to clipboard and paste it somewhere and you should be good
  2. HamzaWadood

    Server isn't loading mission file please help

    @Bones51 Thanks for the reply and yes i had added units to the mission file but before i do i made a backup copy of the mission file that i was using with out rhs and with no rhs units added just incase something happens , after the server got stuck i tried to remove the rhs from the command line to disable it , and start the server from the original .pbo ( the backup one that i made with nothing changed regarding rhs ) but the server also didn't start after a few hours i got a bit ( alot ) mad because nothing was working so i deleted RHS and restarted the server . once i have done that the server just went back to normal status and was working just fine it would be nice to have rhs on the server just need to know what i'm i doing wrong
  3. HamzaWadood

    Server isn't loading mission file please help

    You add the mods that you want active on the server to the command line like if u want exile only you put (ex: @exile )if you want exile with RHS you put (ex : @exile;@RHSAFRF ) at least thats the way i think it's right would benfit from more info about command lines you may see the command line and start up parameters in the uploaded photo EDIT if needed Client Mods (CUP,MAS,etc) @Exile;@RHSAFRF;@RHSGREF;@RHSUSAF Server Mods (AI,Admin Systems,etc @ExileServer;@A3XAI;@AdvancedTowing
  4. Hello i started by adding RHS mods to my server , after i added the mods and tested them ingame ( they were all working really fine ) i was kicked by battleye so i filtered the error and restarted the server after the restart the server was stuck and the server was taking 400 mb ram usage while the mission file wasn't loaded i have been looking for an answer all day but none found this is the first time i'm posting so if anyone can help me i would appreciate it greatly i have come to understand that my RTP and mission.sqm are needed to fine a solution so here they are http://pastebin.com/5X8uXF8U RPT http://pastebin.com/D3YhgJRC Mission.sqm EDIT the server works after i deleted " RHS Mods " thou it would be awesome if someone can give me the reason why the server won't load the mission file while rhs mods running .