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  1. ★ModzFM★

    VCA Exile Tanoa 25k Start

    Upcoming and dedicated community that aims to provide a better than usual gaming experience for the user whilst still having that element of reward for being a skilled and dedicated player. We base all of our server off of as much grind and fun as we can find the balance for. We pride ourselves in making sure the overall users are happy, as well as listening to the little guys. We currently only run one server. But with donations and drive to expand we will own more and multiple versions of. We currently have planned to have another two exile servers running by March next year.
  2. ★ModzFM★

    NEED HELP! Start Loadout

    So, I have tried both adjusting the starter loadout and also making it so that the files get overwritten to some new files I put in the mission.pbo. But neither have worked. I assume that the method I am using must be old and exile doesn't support it anymore. But I just want to change it so basic spawned players have the Exile_Uniform_Woodland and the V_rangemaster_vest and as their apparel. I have also been looking into doing respect based loadouts. I have tried both the _Score and ExileScore variables in code I have used from another post but again, no success. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  3. I need a Dev who can install mods for me that I ask him to and also admin the server (once infistar is installed) when I'm otherwise unable to. I offer them Super Admin on the server and Admin to two friends of their choice (three negotiable) I'm not very demanding just a massive noob when it comes to installing mods onto the server and all of that jazz.
  4. ★ModzFM★

    Exile.Esseker.pbo here (AmateurVersion)

    I just followed the guide on how to install and it doesn't work?