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  1. [TBI] Liam

    Extdb2 async calls

    So im recently diving into a project that requires me to add a table to the database with 3 columns in it. I would like to read a value from the mission file and write it in one of the columns that I have added already. So I got as far as writing the new table and it's columns but I really dont know how to write a value to a specific column. Does anyone know a good tutorial on how to do this / know themselves and would like to share? Thanks in advance
  2. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Im very busy with work but can do at some point, cant promise it will be quick though
  3. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Hey if you would like a new version of this then ask but this version will not work with the current build of Exile as it has not been updated. It would take more work to update it than to build a new one!
  4. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Man i havent updated this since like pineapple, you can just make a custom app now and have it execute the defaultloadout.sqf file
  5. [TBI] Liam

    Load in glitch

    Can you give me the exdb log please
  6. [TBI] Liam

    Tin cans and toilet paper

    Trash loot and items that currently have no use in exile give server owners and mod developers options in the way that item works. Like previously mentioned you can use the Exile Abstract Crafting and create items that have a use with them. For example me as a server owner of DayZ Survivors where we turn exile into an immersive experience like dayz in a2 (or as close as possible) i use a lot of trash loot as in a lot of cases in my loot tables i use a high amount of trash loot to make the good loot in other categories even more rare. It also makes it feel like the place has already been looted by finding empty tin cans and i actually add a lot of items to my trash that are in the game that have no use but have a use in my recipes, kinda like a crafting up way of doing things as my server runs with no traders and you have to make everything. Trash is a very good idea and should remain in the exile loot system and we should always have items that have no "purpose" in exile.
  7. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    you either havnt put the #include "dialog.hpp" in the right place or you haven't put it in at all, it needs to go in the description.ext just follow the instructions its very clear on that!
  8. [TBI] Liam

    [SOLVED] Supporters can open Arsenal?

    I don't know how your supporters would be able to open it without putting their UID in some sort of array allowing this! To the best of my knowledge this array does not exist at the moment . A reason they might be able to open it is because you have put them in an infistar array. I would not recommend this!
  9. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Ok starting to work on it now!
  10. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Would you like to limit players from using certain kiTs or the whole app?
  11. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Will work on that right away, i had looked into it before for our server. ill get back to you with the result!
  12. [TBI] Liam

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    Installing now looks great been waiting for this for ages!
  13. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Paths are now fixed!
  14. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    The reason it drops your backpack is because that's where most of your gear is stored. This means you can pick up your gear from your backpack and transfer it to your new backpack!
  15. [TBI] Liam

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Ok i have done what you asked, i have made it so that you have to be in a safezone. Replace your Loadout.sqf with the one i have provided below. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aq9eJ6LeRuQdgcpURVMEveUvkiriHg