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  1. Mr.Pig

    New errors [XEH]

    Thanks for reporting this. It was an error on our side. I will release an update later today with a fix. Thank you
  2. Mr.Pig

    CPU Almost Maxed + Server FPS Dropping

    How many objects do you have in your database? (Vehicles, containers, Construction) How many objects loaded from map edits? (Traders, extra buildings)
  3. Mr.Pig

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    True... but items like first aid kits, titan rocket launchers and rocket and others are getting into peoples servers from creating vehicles that have predefined gear in them. I am not 100% sure which all do this, but some mas vehicles have been the cause of this. Not sure on others.
  4. Mr.Pig

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hey @eraser1 Can you consider adding the following to fn_SpawnAIVehicle.sqf around line 57, I have had people come to me asking why some vehicles have gear in that AI are driving. I have told them to add this, as some mods add gear to vehicle. THANKS <3 clearBackpackCargoGlobal _veh; clearItemCargoGlobal _veh; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _veh; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _veh;
  5. Mr.Pig

    I am a very angry player

    I hope the server owner put 1 or 2 too many 0's on the end of that respect requirement. But as Eichi stated... new server... there are lots out there with easier faster paced setting for players that don't have the time to grind it out.
  6. Mr.Pig

    Database Issue -

    @Vishpala In the exile_server_config has the following declared... class Database { // Remove all deleted items from the database after X days _permanentlyDeleteTime = 3; should be: (Needs the _ removed from permanentlyDeleteTime) class Database { // Remove all deleted items from the database after X days permanentlyDeleteTime = 3; <3
  7. Mr.Pig

    Russian Roulette - Enable/Disable

    @Vishpala Can you add an enable/disable for Russian Roulette for those that choose not to build one on different maps to prevent the following error in server rpt. <3 3:34:53 Error in expression <ir setPosWorld (_x select 0); } forEach ExileRouletteChairPositions; "Russian Ro> 3:34:53 Error position: <ExileRouletteChairPositions; "Russian Ro> 3:34:53 Error Undefined variable in expression: exileroulettechairpositions 3:34:53 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_russianRoulette_initialize.sqf, line 30
  8. Mr.Pig

    0.9.8 Changes for Server Owners

  9. Mr.Pig

    0.9.8 - Waiting for Server to Load...

    Make sure you import the "upgrade-0.9.60-to-0.9.80.sql" file into your database. And the following... ALTER TABLE `container` ADD COLUMN `money` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; ALTER TABLE `vehicle` ADD COLUMN `money` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
  10. Mr.Pig

    0.9.8 on dev build

    I have a Tanoa Dev Build server up running fine. Check your server RPT and extdb log.
  11. Mr.Pig

    Regroup Chat Messages 0.9.8

    This is due to Exile placing all Bambi's into one group together(until the host a party). So if a server has 50 players and all 50 do not create individual parties, then you get those messages from all players.
  12. Mr.Pig

    Adding nonConstructionZones

    You are welcome Keep up the great work
  13. Mr.Pig

    Adding nonConstructionZones

    The Config.cpp asks for the following. // A list of {position, radius} where building is not allowed at all However, The file it references "ExileClient_util_world_isInNonConstructionZone" uses the following coding. private["_position","_result","_distance"]; _position = _this; _result = false; { _distance = (_x select 0) distance _position; if (_distance < (_x select 2)) exitWith { _result = true; }; } forEach ExileNonConstructionZones; _result Meaning in the Config.cpp would need to be. {{position},0,radius} The file "ExileClient_util_world_isInNonConstructionZone" should change line if (_distance < (_x select 2)) exitWith with if (_distance < (_x select 1)) exitWith For now server admins can just use the following format. {{position},0,radius}
  14. Mr.Pig

    [SOLVED] TP with vehicle infistar 0050B

    Confirmed. Also, when alt-tp in vehicle it is logged in the admin log file... if on foot it is not logged.
  15. Everyone needs to keep their cool... Exile Dev's got this under control!!!