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  1. JudoBear

    Cupcake's Medical System

    Hey Z80CPU I actually run this mod on my wasteland server. It works like a charm. Best about it is this mod is a exact copy of arma 2 Dayz mod health system. (12000 blood when you start) . Very cool stuff There is one think to it. To see actual HP numbers u need to be medic class. Any other class will just tell u some Health description.
  2. JudoBear

    Cupcake's Medical System

    Just want to ask you guys if there is a way of implementing this in to exile? Cupcake's Medical System CMS i did try but no success. Scrip will load but that is all. No menu is poping up. If anyone has any info/ideas pls pm me. Thank You.
  3. I need some help creating script. What i am after is more of a role-play feature. As player progress he can buy more and more expensive vehicles and spawn this vehicle on his position every (random) 30 min for example. But some rules to this will apply. 1. Player cannot own vehicle already or I am considering making app where u can chose what vehicle to spawn on you. 2. Player vehicle must not exist in exile world or vehicle is destroyed/deleted from world with items inside it if spawned. I already made changes to all prices on my server. U wont be able to drive car in first few days in Exile and finding or buying sniper rifle is like winning lottery . That why i need this script. I believe reputation system can be the answer to this but i have something else in mind for this already. On the side. I am playing with arma 3 editor adding some life to Namalsk map. Here is few screens so you can see what i am after. PS. after finish all will be in map section for download. plain namalsk and here some changes to it. Thanks and see you soon. Off to the beach
  4. JudoBear

    How do i use the loot compiler?

    If you have error in compiler check if u changed any values to 0 in LootItemGroups.h
  5. JudoBear

    Proper medical system.

    Epic. Let's hope for the best. Btw bind key hmm maybe but something like belt 5 slot bar on the side or bottom just to place extra items u need all the time
  6. JudoBear

    Proper medical system.

    Iv seen voting for random features but non for this one. Hope there is more players that want to get proper health system build in to exile. I love this project and I belive devs can make it better than random add ons added to this mod. Nothing fancy but stuff like arma 2 epoch was epic Pls vote or make comment what u think. Thx
  7. JudoBear

    Advanced-Combat-Environment 3

    yea hope exile will make proper medical system
  8. JudoBear

    Script Restriction #28

    thx so much man worked like a charm !!!
  9. JudoBear

    Script Restriction #28

    got #28 fixed, strugling with #44 now. thx for help