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  1. My Rsctitles My CfgFunctions Both these and the other files are sat in a ExAdClient folder on my main mission, also as previously said the settings for the stats bar are working fine (I know this is part of XM8 and not SB).
  2. Just don't understand what isn't being pulled been through the step by step at least 5 or so times triple checking everything ;/
  3. Not sure what at this point as i have the SB settings working just keep re-reading the instructions and i've got everything where it needs to be
  4. Installed the core, XM8 and Stats bar all step by step as far as im aware. Getting this issue when logging in. I'm no doubt being retarded but i would appreciate someone to point out the obvious
  5. iJeeves

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    You have that lot under what you pasted from your config? Because it's saying you don't maybe send your whole config just incase.
  6. iJeeves

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    @WolfkillArcadia Seems there's an issue with banking a certain amount of pennies, like it doesn't track it, had a few players lose 100k onwards when trying to bank. Obviously i can drop the prices but would be easier if i knew another way. Also tried a player with 50k and still having same issue, no expert so not sure what's going on. @Shix In regards to my last post, i just added the coding mentioned to the bottom and it works fine.
  7. iJeeves

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    Depends what they withdrawl to what they lose. They do need to take money out to buy stuff. ATM at Safezone isn't active if using this as it is. For the reasons you obviously know
  8. iJeeves

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    @Shix How do i get the apps back where they were? Banking shizzle working but missing my apps! If i add To the bottom of the new overide? That'll work? Maybe?
  9. iJeeves

    ExileZ 2

    Currently getting Warning Message: Addon 'exilez' requires addon 'Ryanzombiesfaces' I have addOns[]= { "exile_client", "Ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "Ryanzombiesanims", "Ryanzombiesfaces", "a3_map_altis", "A3_Characters_F" }; In my mission.sqm Not sure where i've gone wrong?
  10. iJeeves


    Did a quick fix on my side and changed the old bike in config to quad bike, but i'll put this in place now Thanks.
  11. iJeeves


    Seems i can only spawn in a push iron. Can't seem to spawn a quad my config Not sure what's wrong
  12. iJeeves


    Like the look of it and going to config and test today, maybe you could make them both into one app where you can click to enter then select Quad/Offroad/Heli from there? Only because i have too many apps to fit them both on ^^
  13. iJeeves


    Oright will do.
  14. iJeeves


    I mustve done something wrong, had to uninstall my exile base and install it again. Going to try the XM8 version again now, as hopefully my files wont go walk abouts.