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  1. Alucard


    Grinding and hacking doesnt work ive enabled it on the server and it gives me the option to grind and hack but when it reaches 100% it just dissapears and nothing happends plus i get no option to hack the flag
  2. Alucard

    Trader logs is Empty

    yeh but it doesnt bust dupers that anti dupe thing from them doesnt mean they are duping i need the trader logs to see if someone is duping or not
  3. Alucard

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    link is down
  4. Alucard

    ExAd v1.0.4

    there is no instructions for the hacking and grinding
  5. Alucard

    RHS Vehicle Nuke

    did u manage to get it working?
  6. Alucard

    Trader logs is Empty

    there is no logs in the Exile_TradingLog.log i could really use some help getting this to work i want to bust dupers
  7. Alucard

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    my rpt is full of shit the server was working fine and spawning missions b4 i went to bed and i wake to ppl saying that the missions stopped spawning in i have no fkn clue what could have make them stop working without me adding or changing anything i could really use some help sins i cant have the server running unless i get this fixed
  8. Alucard

    DMS Missions/AI not spawning

  9. Alucard

    spawn in grass until the server is fully loaded

    i did not manage to find any of these weapons in the trader or loot table rhs_weap_g36c_grip1"",""rhs_weap_g36c_grip2"",""rhs_weap_g36c_grip3"",""rhs_weap_g36kv_grip1"",""rhs_weap_g36kv_grip2"",""rhs_weap_g36kv_grip3""]"
  10. Alucard

    spawn in grass until the server is fully loaded

    with a GSP? what u mean by that i dont know what that means
  11. everyone spawn in the ground until the server has fully loaded it takes the server 10-15mins to load up any clue what could be causing this?
  12. i got a problem sometimes vehicles blow up after being bought from trader anyone know what i could do to fix that issue?
  13. Alucard

    I want Forest Altis map

    haha yeah 1080ti playing with 25frames