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  1. IDD added ? search for a IDD in the rsc titles and add the idd. -------------------- My Problem is Statusbar is working but the Setting option not working. i reinstalled all and ya its a bug ?. can any help me ?. Customcode added Desc.. added all is activated. but ya totaly bugged
  2. The Spawn is working but the Directon cant we change right ?.
  3. What is Other in the Update ? the Aircraft Fix ?
  4. WHat do you think about 1 Trader Zone ? because the map is so SMall ?. and the Loot setup Radius to a Safezone is not spawning.
  5. Short info your mission is broken.
  6. arning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.Tembelan'.
  7. What you need ?. any work not finish ?. what mods are needed for the map ? i try all the stuff.
  8. Ich muss sagen Bec klappt bei mir auch nicht ist ein tolles teil aber nach dem Update prüfen geht Bec wieder aus ohne jeglichen grund keine errors oder so gefunden. hättest du ein Typ Gotteshand ?
  9. Works Fine on all cup vehicles. 1 thing i must fix after you drive away comes a little window from the GVS the size is not correct but all other working great. sry for my bad eng.
  10. ah ok thats new for me. i thas a long time not activ.
  11. infistar terraingrid on 50 ? then is the grass disabeld.
  12. Delete the Stuff from the Airfield complete. all player only on the airfield for looting thats bad balancing. 2k Objects must Loading the Server. Plus Mission Objects its enough airfield delete its a good thing. for boot balancing and performance.
  13. the military outpust the last picture is not in the update
  14. Perfect.