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  1. Its me ZovkT

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Gives any new information about a reupload or newer version ? i wait so long now ;)
  2. Its me ZovkT

    ~Remove HUD~

    Go away with the Buggy shit ^^ i dont use exad or anything i have only apps from infistar and addet self one i woud a Server the works perfectly and not every day bug fixes ^^
  3. Its me ZovkT

    ~Remove HUD~

    all statusbar in the forum are ugly and i am to dump to make a self one ^^
  4. Its me ZovkT

    ~Remove HUD~

    Works Fine. but i must find a idea for what i can use it. many players are hate this i think because he mustuse the tablet to see the Health etc ^^
  5. Its me ZovkT

    ~Remove HUD~

    ty few minits come the feedback wait
  6. Its me ZovkT

    ~Remove HUD~

    let me try this in few minits. its a great idea.
  7. Its me ZovkT

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Gives any fix for the Duping Problem ? it seems not now right ?.
  8. Its me ZovkT

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    any fixes for the custom key ? i dont get it to work..
  9. when i change a bit how much Missions are spawning and the max number above. Come This : 1:08:58 Warning Message: Script \q\addons\custom_server\init\fn_init.sqf not found but i never change this file ^^. i found a mix this is working first day now its running.
  10. Its me ZovkT

    Extended Base Mod

    Stupid Question. the TripodScreen .. can we use it with a Batterie or so and a Custom Text set ? or its only Deco ?
  11. Its me ZovkT

    [Release] Exile Pecher Traders + Spawn Zones

    Have you Anything about the Normal Chernarus ? you are a Master for this
  12. Anyone have actually the files and the Loot positions my old version is not working anymore.
  13. Its me ZovkT

    Chernarus Redux Mission File w/Loot (Exile 1.0.4)

    Thanks for Sharing this. but i have the problem i use all stuff from you. all Loot is spawning 20-30 Centimeters under the House so you cant see the loot on the Floor any idea to fix this ?
  14. i testet this both this 85160 or other the my arma is freezing. but i try it again give me a sec Not Working all is working but than i click on PlayerMarket Button my Arma 3 Freeze Complette and ya i must use ALT F4 to close the game. ServerRTP : Config.cpp : ( No Worry the Stuff in Customcode is complete Server Side all from SM ) So Today i know the Problem comes from the Market System i dont know why. all is working all is correct added.