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  1. dashi.gamer

    Battle Of Takistan

    Hey Every one, we have started our own Takistan Server after checking loads of server that there are too many Rules, and Admin are abusing Power, deleting player bases etc, if ur tired of all the shit then this server is for you, ther are no rules bcoz its takistan, and they dnt like Rules, Remeber we have only 3 Rules, Fuck, Dnt Give a Fuck, and Dnt get Fucked Over. Battle of Takistan |CUP|ZCP|Missions|20K |Planes |Tanks |Anti Aircraft Server IP: Mods required: CBA_A3, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, CUP Terrains - Maps, CUP Terrains - Core, Exile Mod and TRYK Server Features: Virtual Garage Low Prices for Armed Hali and Planes Planes & Tanks Anti Aircraft Guns for Base Virtual Garage Hacking Base Raiding Safe Hacking 60 Players Slots 4 Hour Restarts 20,000 Pop tabs Spawn Points High FPS High Loot Capture Missions AI Missions Trade-Zones Market Traders Building Supplies Trader Anti Aircraft Guns Armed & Armored Vehicles Deployable Bicycle Vehicle Loading IGI Server Story: This is War Between Russans Forces VS USA Forces but dnt forget its takistan and there are Takistani Freedom Fighters, Choice is you which side you, want to be with, all of forces have established bases and created their own tradesystem and economy. website www.pandoraz.co.nf Teamspeak: ts.itgcommunity.com Servers: Takistan: :2308 Tanoa: :2302
  2. dashi.gamer


    Server name: Pandoraz Exile |Super Cars|Planes|Capture Pts|Nuke|Black Market|Traders|PVP|Tow|AddonsXXX| SERVER IP ADDRESS: Website: http://www.pandoraz.co.nf/ Teamspeak 3: Heavily Edited: well we have decide to host a server where hardcore player can do all shit, most of server have soo many rules u cant do any shit, if u talk dirty ur ban, do this do that dont do this dont do that etc, so if ur tired of follow rules then this is the place for you, we have only 3 Rules: Fuck | Dnt Give a Fuck | Dont Get Fucked Over. Fair play. As we said no rules Admins will not use God Mod attack admin base get nuke laptop and fuck every one on map, yes u can talk all shit that comes in ur mouth u can be racist, u can be dickhead, wen u kill some one u have right to say anything. We Edited all Map, and its based on Europe and Asia, Germans, American, Russian, British, French Traders, chose ur own city to build a base. We have super cars, download AddonXXX Mod, and access all new weapons, cars, cloths, Planes There is so much we have in server and we r still editing, https://youtu.be/X7SsdvPdeXE
  3. dashi.gamer

    [XM8 APP] Enigma XM8 Security

    nice work, well but i cant manage to work this on my server i tried everything u mentioned above but am getting this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WXUjJZ8RXc&feature=youtu.be i put ids in infistar also, wen ever i click on it all i heard a sound no error, nothing happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WXUjJZ8RXc&feature=youtu.be
  4. dashi.gamer

    Traders Items

    hey guys yesterday i updated server for newr version of exile, but now items are not showing up wen i try to buy something, only vehicles and boat traders are working fine, all others traders dnt av any item. please check pictures. Thanks
  5. Message for all Server Owner please help each others so we can ban hackers from all Exile servers, (Thanks to Infistar for great tool) can i send this video to battleye, will they ban if u provide them proof https://youtu.be/PuunPmt3ZDs i been told this guy is killing from 1.5k then i try to specting him for an hour he was spawning tanks and other stuff, check video his UID is (76561198152529743) i am running battleye, and infistar can some one plz tell me how did he manage to do that Thanks
  6. dashi.gamer

    [CLOSED] Garage Virtual Vehicle Storage

    LMAO wen ppl say stolen, its a exile and u dnt av to pay to play exile, and if u think people wil steal from ur server dont let them download the files, anyway i got it from friend, in California, he is running on it server
  7. Hey Every one, i was just configuring exile virtual garage today, just need a little help from awsum people out there, i can see option in laptop but wen i click i cant access or dnt get any option code isn't below, it was removed
  8. dashi.gamer

    Add custom billboards server side

    cant see anything, can u plz tell us what is exit size of pictures, one board in terminal and othe trader zone, what is size fot that boards
  9. dashi.gamer


    wat is point doing it? so if sombody kill trader then u av to wait for restart to get trader again
  10. dashi.gamer


    now trader is fuking my RPT with this shit Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not foundWarning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not foundWarning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not foundWarning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not foundWarning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not foundWarning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not foundWarning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\VCOM_Driving\VCOM_Driving\Functions\AIDRIVEBEHAVIOR.fsm not found
  11. dashi.gamer


    will post pbo files on monday just busy working no day off this week
  12. dashi.gamer

    Buyable/Protective AI for your base.

    check pm
  13. dashi.gamer


    i added music, and van box, my trader is driving around in gurila box van with niki minaj music going on....
  14. dashi.gamer

    mystery Player Spawn Location

    Guys please, i made a server but got a problem, all new players cant join my server and they are spwaning at location where nobody can spwan, i mentioned here in picture, i try to teleport them and there but cant see them, can see thr marker moves but cant see them. only players in database can connect to server is there any one out there can help me plz thanks please check pictures for more details where player are spawning.
  15. dashi.gamer


    poptabs and score work for me but u av to log off in to lobby and connect back u wil av then, he did a excellent job, bcoz of these awsum people we wil av free admin tool one day in exile,