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  1. What would work better - having multiple missions that do the same but are in different cities, or having the single occupation mission and when the case is the specific map have it randomly chose from different cities?
  2. Fidycent

    Crafting Exile_Container_SupplyBox Error

    Youre trying to craft an item which doesnt exist.
  3. Fidycent

    Serverside problems regarding .pbo files

    You need to put the key files from the mod into the servers key files. (exile.bikey)
  4. Fidycent

    [SOLVED] Vehicles Disappearing or loading on their side

    Big thanks! Fixed the vehicle problem - and with a bit of common sense i also fixed supply crate containers ( i guess they flipped for the same reason ) - now no longer half of my server is on its side!
  5. Fidycent

    C130 has issues

    Its obviously a survival mod, it doesnt become a different genre because you play on shit servers.
  6. Fidycent

    Locate a family base location?

    Right click on the map
  7. Fidycent

    Adding Additional Containers

    Adding your own is not an easy task, well it is, but it requires all your clients to have said mod to be able to build them, extended base addons is such a known mod that its not a problem, but when you add your own container, create the item for the container - your clients need the files. Now 2 ideas sprung in mind - Do you want to add the possibility of the arma crates to be mounted and installed in a base? Because that might be possible server-side, im no big of a coder, but i know my way around the basics, not able to connect to my server atm, but if the mounting and whatnot is in the server side scripts - this should be possible. Also the 2nd idea - the question springs to why? Are you using DMS and want the crates to be installed at home? - The question here is - what do you want to do that doesnt let you use the Exile crates? - This is what i did for my missions - i replaced the box in the missions to the exile supply crate.
  8. Whenever i restart my server a lot of my vehicles just tend to be on their side, i have no idea what causes this, im not putting them on wooden floors or anything - just on solid ground
  9. Fidycent

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I understand that this has been partly tackled before, but my issue seems to be a bit deeper.. Just brain-storming, if the markers are from exile - the text format is aswell - right? Meaning the terrible scaling of the text is aswell, with a bigger mission name, and the unit count on, it scales the text almost over the whole map when its zoomed out.. Is there any override that i could only override the text part of the marker using dms, or use some script override, overriding the whole exile marker things so i could edit there? The color is also terrible for my situation, using the napf winter map everything is white, and with the text being white you cant make anything out.. tl;dr Is the text and marker icons seperated upon creation so i can use the old system to generate the text but new icons? EDIT: So far ive found that if i change the colour of the marker it turns the whole image black..
  10. Fidycent

    Show off your base.

    How do you get the metal-sheet window cover things?
  11. Fidycent

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Good day, how would one go about having a single static mission, that doesnt always spawn? The chances as far as i know work in the sense that they sum all the missions up, and then spawn one randomised on the chance, but if theres only 1 mission in there, the chance of it spawning will be 100% - no matter what you put it.. What im asking for - is there a placeholder or something that i could add so the chance of my mission spawning is 20% whilst this placeholder does nothing but taking 80% of the spawn rate. EDIT: Another problem i ran into - Is it possible to make the AI shoot BTRs? Afaik they dont shoot them because the weapons theyre given cant do damage to the armour of the vehicle, but since were not talking about tracked vehicles here - you can still shoot the wheel of a btr with an assault rife, so that would stop the person from just driving around, make them get out and get shot.
  12. Good day, ive been searching a bit here and there on dms, but how would i go about adding a chance that a specific item may spawn in the loot crate of the occupation mission only (Without adding the chance of this item spawning in other missions) I understand that the loot is being created from that, but it only fetches random items from the available defined by DMS.. So yeah - thanks in advance.
  13. Fidycent

    How to remove the multiple waypoints

    I am quite lost, i understand where these waypoints would become handy, but for most theyre now annoying, is there like a shortcut or something that my blind bottom cant see to remove the markers? EDIT: Found it - hover your mouse over them and press delete
  14. Fidycent

    So, about these jet flyovers..

    Exile server config pbo - config.cpp file - around line 5600 for me, remove the flyover from the enabled events